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N for Notebook


Today is Letter N of the April A to Z Blogging Challenge under the theme, ‘College Memories’ and On Day 14, I am writing on the prompt N for Notebook.



Move over new-age note-book, Steve Jobs laptop version enshrined with a half bitten apple that the whole word refer to as…I am talking about the real Notebook, the time we scribbled on the white pages to take notes in classroom as our lecturers would spell out the theoretical aspects of subject-matter. Some of our lecturers were gracious enough to give us notes while for others, we had to be on our toes to note down as they discussed subjects with us. Remember, the Navneet, Classmate or Sundaram notebooks are now memories that we made in college? It’s a Kodak moment etched on the beautifully designed notebooks that we have now carefully preserved in the drawer.


The eco-friendly Navneet notebook embedded in the glossy cover with pictures of film stars, bikes or super cars, containing quotes at the back, horoscope or tit-bit bout’ cars that we would proudly hold in our hands. It was collectors’ edition as we inked our way on the crisp white blank pages. I still recall how I would buy the super awesome notebook just for the sake of it as it made way inside my life as a young student and have different variety and colorful notebook that I carefully preserved,

Today, I was cleaning the luggage and found the priceless notebooks which I opened to take a trip down memory lane. The notebook still look brand new and fresh as if I just purchased them and couldn’t believe it’s been 8 to 10 years now. It looks as if it was just yesterday that I purchased the notebook and jot down notes in the classroom. My notebooks are my treasure trove that I preserved and cherished down the years which defined the memories spent in college. Priceless and invaluable!


I couldn’t help feeling that today we are deprived of the joy  of buying and writing in notebook, the sheer pleasure of opening the notebook to write on the fresh pages. The new generation is oblivious what they are missing with the digital note or macbook taking precedence over the joy of writing in  notebook. I mean the joy and sheer place cannot be quantified and like someone told me, the innocence, simplicity and aesthetic beauty of writing in Notebook cannot be quantified.

The best thing bout’ Notebook is the project Citizen First where for every notebook you buy, re.1 is contributed to the education of underprivileged children. You don’t just invest in joy but spread happiness through education which is a tool to empowerment. Isn’t it beautiful? I was collecting notebook during the college days where I made  memories more vivid. Nothing beats the notebook.

Enjoy the pictures of my personal collection of Notebook, my personal treasure trove and mind you! some of them already hit a decade.





With Love




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26 thoughts on “N for Notebook

  1. Now this is what I call a perfect post idea. I personally love these notebooks too – you know the ones that come with such elaborate covers. I go crazy in a stationery shop.

    Lovely post! And yes, the joy of writing in a notebook is in a league of its own. 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton, Debo. I didn’t know that you’ll like the post and had doubt on whether I made a gud post. Perfect post idea, your words is such a big hi to me. I couldn’t express it the way you did,ones with elaborate covers and know the feeling of going crazy in stationery shop..I mean, there are various colors and elaborate covers..Epic line, the joy of writing in a notebook is in a league of its own.
      Now, I am smiling:)

    1. Mistake is mine..My bad, Sid:) Thanks a ton and looking fward to such heart warming and encouraging comments. Notebooks are my memories carved during the college days and such a joyful experience:) It can only encourage me to write better.
      Cheerz mate.

  2. i also kept lots of notebooks as a teen and yes I keep one for my eldest son to date. I call it Down Memory Lane. I didn’t want to go electronic with that one because I know he will appreciate both the memories and my handwriting and the love I took to write each month and all. As for myself, where will I keep the facility of using one of those “smart asses” of a gadget on the go and all? hahaha Great post here
    Marie atoz ing at http:/

    1. Hey Marie, glad to know that you kept lotsa notebook during teens and its good you keep one for the son. The young gen deserve the joy of pouring ink on the notebook. So well said, ‘Down Memory Lane’. Thanks a ton and never chuck the note book:)

      1. And I even forgot to add that notebooks motivate me a lot because I can track my successes or failures, moods and broods etc. I kept one recently on a rally I ran for one month and I was amazed and so were others when they read it. I got from starting off with 2 twitter followers and not knowing how to run the rally, to ending up among the best and having hundreds of followers. So yes notebooks or Macbooks are good to keep 🙂

  3. You took me down the memory lane Vishal. I used to love those Navneet notebooks. Today, I am a crazy collector of Diaries.. 🙂

    1. Notebook bonds the heart and soul and ,me too, have them since ages. I agree with you: It’s a kinda best buddy who knows us deep within. I also have a diary and is a way to pour ink on paper:)

  4. I love notebooks. I use them, scribble my thoughts in them. Try to work things out in them. Unfortunately I don’t still have the ones from my childhood, but I have plenty now and they are well loved, in fact, I think I may well have a notebook addiction!

    1. Hey Rebecca its great to read that you have a notebook addiction and that u have a huge collection. I keep a diary nowadays in the digital era. Nothing beats a notebook and keep scribbling..btw I still hv lotsa blank pages..hehe

  5. I used to buy Navneet or classmate notebooks… Never heard of Sundaram… N for notebook is pretty cool topic. Going back in time and thinking about ‘the joy of buying and writing in notebook, the sheer pleasure of opening the notebook to write on the fresh pages’ as you said.

    I now buy dairies. I still love to scribble. Especially Hindi poems in my personal diary. You made me think of the Index page that my diary doesn’t have and Navneet/classmate had! 😀

    1. Hey! Navneet and Classmate have been collectors edition and absolute love them. There are few Sundaram notebooks on the market..hehe thanks for the lovely words and time to go back to notebooks. Wow! M so glad u buy diaries and scribble Hindi as ink on paper. Keep it up, Shesha. U just reminded me of the index page that I soo love…Me too, keep a diary and the joy of pouring ink on paper is lacking on the laptop.

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