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Chetan Bhagat’s gyaan and new 2020 Revolution

Hectoring voice, a blast from the past in a scampering attempt to make Revolution 2020 an experience to die for!! That’s our  dear, Chetan Bhagat who does it again! Remember, Three Idiots controversy as he pigtailed his way to claim the makers didn’t give him his due. Poor CB! Why don’t you stick to writing candy floss romance and pick up some awards on the way from time-to-time?

Guilty! I am!! I enjoy reading your rom-com, be it Three Point Someone, One Night at the Call Center, 2 States and Revolution 2020. But, writing political columns or otherwise, giving quotes to the media, well CB!! For once, do some proof reading in your head or at least, read what you write coz I am convinced that you don’t understand what you speak or write. CB has just joined the fray and quite surprisingly, he is an author not neta who is teaming up with the likes of Mulayam Singh Yadav and Abu Azmi as part of the sexist brigade. Three Idiots could well be re-adapted and Chetan Bhagat can steer a fresh screenplay.

Chetan Bhagat to Mid-day: ““Attention – good or bad – is not a bad thing. It’s nice that in 2014, with so many distractions, people still care about a writer. After all, I’m not a girl who wears less clothes to get attention. I’m just talking about ideas and they get attention. There is no cleavage,” he says. 

Image downloaded at Google India for representational purpose only.
Image downloaded at Google India for representational purpose only.

Self-anointed political expert on almost anything and now, a specialist in the female body, read cleavage, now this CB will give MF Hussain or Ravi Verma a complex for they have realized that must have missed something in depicting nudity. Apna CB must be lauded for teaching artists a thing or two bout stroking their brush with aesthetic sense. See, they missed the cue and Chetan Bhagat is reminding them how one should paint or for that matter, no skin show on canvas.

See, our CB never miss the cue in his revamped, re-adapted, rehearsed  and sexist version of Revolution 2020 where his ideas is symbol of purity, craving less attention to shed everything like the girls who does that. Wonder what he will say about Apna Kejriwal who shed his shirt to take a dip in the holy Ganga. Was it a symbol of cleavage, CB? One wonders what a shirtless, Chetan Bhagat will sing? My name is CB, CB ki Jawaai..what’s my name? No cleavage, I ain’t an item boy and don’t need your attention. It’s just a dip to wash my sins for being sexist.

Confused, CB? Just ask the Ananya of 2 States played by Alia Bhatt, who said, An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. You’ll get an answer but proof read first and don’t spell it out as quote. Perhaps, a sequel to Revolution 2020 will do good through this one, Ready to do Anything for Cheap Thrills, a novel by Chetan Bhagat.

You said it, CB, not ME.




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10 thoughts on “Chetan Bhagat’s gyaan and new 2020 Revolution

    1. hehe! Had nothing against CB and I won’t pretend..they fact is that I enjoy his rom-com but but..he should watch his tongue coz politics and opinion on almost anything is not his cuppa tea. The man lacks logic when he speak as his bundle of insanity is not something we can talk.:) Welcome to the club and I am the new member of CB Bashing session since yest:)

  1. Even I have read his books. Liked them too. But not sure about his political and other views. And what he said above was outright disgusting.

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