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Dickheads and MCP in Lok Sabha election

What do the likes of  Mulayam Singh Yadav and Abu Azmi have in common? Dick!! Err!!! opps! Dickheads pumping the Lok Sabha battle in Uttar Pradesh. For sure, the kind of skills coming to life in the Lok Sabha makes it a unique talent show as our politicians, one after the other, be it RAGA, NAMO, Kejru or Amit Shah showcase their idiosyncrasies. We will keep these gentlemen for another day.

Image downloaded at Google India
Image downloaded at Google India

The Yadav wrestler-ji turned Neta-ji and his alter ego Abu Azmi Saheb reminds us that there is one tirelessly duty that makes the Mahir on bed..oops pouring their sexist venom..after all, Boys will be Boys! They are allowed to rape and  go scot free since they are bechare sex ka maare as the girls have pounced themselves on the poor guys. Mulayam Singh Yadav shows his soft side by saying that the boys should be released after raping. Three Idiots must be getting too much on the head of Neta-ji…hum jis desh mein jayegein..arre SuMo wrestler Neta-ji, don’t think too much, it’s just a movie and pure fiction. One wonder what kind of Samaj’ the wadi Party wanna create if the people of UP decide to give them another mandate? The very thought of Yadav policies makes a chill run down my spine, crafting laws to protect rapists, come and rape, we will set you free. It’s been quite a shocker on the part of SP Supremo to tell us the girls snare their victims who are poor and innocent boys who shouldn’t be hanged and set free.

Mulayam Singh Yadav

Now, that’s what we call buy One Get One Free? A real shocker is Shri Abu Azmi-ji who tells us that girls having sexual relationship outside marriage should be hanged and let us quote seignor Azmi, “Under Islam, rape is punishable… any woman if, whether married or unmarried, goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged. Both should be hanged. It shouldn’t be allowed even if a woman goes by consent.” 

Oh! WoW! Shri Abu Azmi-ji!! Well, your daughter-in law, Ayesha, is an actress and worked in movies and romanced many heroes. What are u inferring. dickhead number 2? Thankfully, Ayesha was courageous enough to slam her father-in-law for venom spread against women and for showing his herd cum stone age mentality. I’ve heard Love ke liye kuch bhi karega ab Rajneeti ke liye kuch bhi karega..Sad that may women politicians, women and aam junta, bore the brunt of sexist comments in this Animal Farm kinda show where wolves-sorry again-dick heads like Mulayam Singh Yadav and Abu Azmi are leading the pack.

Wah!wah! Kya baat! Misogynist, MCP and what’s? It  shows the true colors of dickheads chameleons looming large that we human should abhor and fear. I mean, I don’t understand the outrage sparked by the two dickheads in the name of gentlemen-ly coz there are two kinds, one that shows their dickhead and the second category nicely hide the dick and the head under the garb of underwear. No prize for guessing! Who fits the bill in the second category.

Politically Provocative




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14 thoughts on “Dickheads and MCP in Lok Sabha election

  1. These politicians are the representatives of Indians. Their thoughtless remarks not only affects the discipline and decorum of India, rather provokes the insanity in the generation looking to them as an exemplary. They should be more thoughtful before spitting anything out.

    1. It’s a real tragedy, you know, where politicians utter such kind of rubbish. In a way, people like Yadav and Azmi are showing their true colors-mindset, attitude..the way the have always thought. Decorum is a lost word in their dictionary. Watch out for more on LS Battle as no one will be spared:)

      1. I wish this time in polls, Indians do analyse and make well informed decision. And show the power of democracy. Not just click the one they find looking good. 🙂

  2. Your blog title certainly caught my attention! We here in Australia say the word “dickhead” a lot 🙂

    And it seems these politicians fit the bill very well! We have some horrible creatures in politics over here as well, but at least they don’t say (out loud, anyway) that women having sex should be hanged. They just think their sexuality should be controlled by the men in their lives.

    1. I have a friend in Australia and he always use I know where it comes from..Politicians, everywhere are horrible and it’s beyond my imagination for someone to punish a woman having sex. It’s something that cannot be forgiven. Either way, it’s a fuck up where men control the women sexuality. I condemn such form of patriarchy.

  3. These and likes of such politicians are in business not because they are shrewd…It is because we baheve like fools while voting them.
    Just think…Did we perform our duty well?

    1. This is the problem Sir where we get carried by some wave, irrespective of BJP, Congress or AAP. I believe we should vote for the individuals rather than parties and you raised a question that everyone should delve upon. We tend to blame others but we need to exercise our power judiciously since it is bestowed upon us once every years. Like someone on Satyamev Jayatev said, why do we need a Modi, Gandhi or Kejriwal to steer things and lead us, can’t we be change?

  4. You have titled the post aptly Vishal. I really dont think I need to say more than this. Seriously sick people.

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