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K for Ku Klux Klan/King of Dreams

Day 11: K for Ku Kluk Klan/ King of Dreams for the April A to Z blogging challenge under the theme: College Memories. 

Uff! This K alphabet for the challenge is the toughest nut to crack! Trust me on that! I’ve been lingering on alphabet K for days and, earlier, jotted a poem to post on Day 11: K-Day but, then, thought, what’s the fun if I am not able to rack the grey cell? Quite miraculously, the ideas flow.

By now, you all know bout’ my love for books and, those who know me well, are well aware that I spent a large chunk of my pocket money on books sold on the pavement for 40 to 50 bucks in both Pune and Mumbai. There is one book I bought on the streets on Fergusson College (FC) Road on the pavement and the K prompt is inspired by one chapter K for Ku Klux Klan. Now, peeps, don’t laugh, I am not trying to sound funny but it’s bout some serious stuffs.

The Book, ‘Freakonomics: A rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by Steven. D Levitt & Stephen. J. Dubner deals with the ugly capitalist system and how power brokers make an abuse of everything as the commoners are exploited for political and economic end. Chapter 2: How is Ku Klux Klan  like a group of real estate agents?

Ku Klux Klan:

It was founded in the immediate aftermath of civil war by six former Confederate soldiers, four of whom were budding lawyers, saw themselves as merely a circle of young minded friends in Pulaski, Tenessee. The name they choose ‘kuklux’, a slight mangling of ‘kuklos’, a Greek word for ‘circle.’  All of Scotish-Irish descent, they started their adventure in a harmless way, riding horses through the country side but took to arms by evolving into multi-state terrorist organization designed to frighten and kill emancipated slaves. The clan staunchest supporters were plantation owners for whom Reconstruction posed an economic and political nightmare.

The true aims of the Ku Klux Klan was spelled in 1872 by President Ulyss S Grant: By force and terror, to deprive colored citizens of the right to free ballots, suppress schools in which colored children were taught and reduce colored people to condition closely allied to slavery.”

The early Klan indulged in lynching, burning, castrating and pistol-whipping. However, within barely a decade, the Klan disappeared by legal and military interventions  out of Washington DC.

The Ku Klux Klan is widely regarded like Real Estate Agents who rob the poor working class and middle class of a decent living by exploiting them at every end.

Final Remark:

All the materials were drawn from excerpts in the chapter on Ku Klux Klan which I found to be an interesting read. It’s not review neither I am passing value-judgement but find it an interesting read. The book was bought way back in 2006 which I read fours years later in 2010. Though I read it way after I passed out of college, Freakonomics reminds me of the college memories. I remember taking a walk on the busy street on FC and the book struck my eyes. I picked it on the way and was left in some corner in the house. By the way, I still have a luggage full of books at my friend M’s flat and yeah, I spend a fortune on books.


Since I don’t like my lame poems go waste, ‘King of Dreams’ was written in advance for the prompt and I publish it to scare the shit out of you. Probably, the lamest poem I ever wrote and which will irritate you to death.


King of dreams, enjoying bliss in his kingdom of hope, aspirations and merry-making;

The world is his oyster as he happily hums a song on his way to college;

He was the King of his own world like Lord Krishna, serenaded by his angels ‘Gopis’, friends and universe of dream.

King of Dreams spilled the magic potions in his stomach;

Magic potions tells King of Dreams that his ultimate destination will be films,

the burning desire to become an actor and make it big in his own way.

They mocked the King of Dreams, telling he is a mad guy in college.

King of Dream still dream big and believe in the craziest things designed at the back of his mind.

After all, what’s the purpose of life without dreaming big?

Priorities and situations change but not dreams!




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