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A to Z: J for Jeans


Temptation is a bitch,

as one gasp for breath.

Crisp denims flashed in the shops and billboards all over the cities makes one go berserk.

 Jeans all over the place empties the pocket money.

One forgets that he is just a college student surviving on measly pocket money.

College dude wearing the coolest blue denim,

Quality never goes out of style,

as the brain goes cuckoo coz it’s our love for Jeans.

Definition of my wardrobe echoes Carrie Bradshaw’s honest style statement in Sex and the City, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”

J-Day of A-to-Z April  blogging challenge: College Memories, as I declare J for Jeans, my fetish, love and passion for Denims that rule my life. I’ve spent a fortune on J for Jeans that brings a sense of comfort, happy illusion, confidence and drained my pocket money. I can spend like a fish on Jeans and have all kinda on display in the wardrobe, mostly blue, dark, navy, torn or fading with stains.

The modest Jeans found a place in wardrobe
The modest Jeans found a place in wardrobe

I am a complete jeans person who believes in splurging till you drop or go broke, as no reason is enough to dissuade me from my irrational fits. Who follows logic, yaar, when it comes to my expensive Levis Jeans? Yeah! Once, I depleted my monthly pocket money in a day as a young student in Mumbai and I sashayed between being poor, rich and again, poor. Blame it on my fascination for getting decked in something awesome called Jeans, my hot favorite Levis, one sunny afternoon near the beach.

Craving for food..chicken Frankie at Churchgate Station..local to Marine Lines..Coffee at Chowpatthy Girgaun..There is a catch..I am feeling rich as I walked to CCD..Levis Store adjacent to CCD snooping on me and scans the grey cell oops vulnerable mind and virus draws me inside the store. I take a walk, zeroes on the jeans but better sense prevails, reminded me how poor I was but became rich again..after all, I must survive for a month on the tight pocket money..Me walked away but virus strike as I scampered to Levis done..I am poor by 1.600 I walk away with my pair of Blue Denim. I enjoy my coffee at CCD, feeding myself with sandwich and books.

The heart runs wild with excitement,

weird is thy name.

It’s a jeans world!

No sane person can live without jeans.

I go wild and mouth watering at the sight of attractive denims.

The pocket is tight and shallow.

Who gave Levis such crazy ideas?!!!

The flying machine soars high.
The flying machine soars high.


Jeans made me poor that and it still does…the salary whittles away as the heart melts. Jeans are my prized treasures as they are nicely stored with care like carefully selected wines. Obsession with jeans! I have all kind of jeans scattered in the wardrobe. If you think, I am gung-ho bout super expensive ones, think again!! I have some cheap stuffs bought for 400 bucks. Haan! It’s another matter that I swear by Levis, nowadays or my Pepe Jeans. I dunno how to discard the denims that doesn’t fit anymore and it’s quite a task like having roughshod ride. The bomb? On the budday, I forked 4000 bucks for a pair of Levis that made me broke as mom SOS call to bail me out. Impulsive, I am! Or my Flying Machine that I got myself! All worn and teared! Nopes, it doesn’t deter me from wearing.

Original matters. My Vintage Red Tab
Original matters. My Vintage Red Tab


When RedTab-ism made me poorer
When RedTab-ism made me poorer

Bestest blue Denims remains the one I got myself at Chowpatty and depleted the pocket money as a student. I still have it, lying in a corner in the house, and none of ma super expensive Denims can beat this original Levis Red Tab. It was in 2008 and can’t stop gushing at this superbly awesome piece of art. The student days were spent fishing for jeans every now and then, the monthly pocket money were spent unwisely on the stuffs. Mom and Dad must be proud of me for investing the monthly money in the right place. Now, I’m smiling. What’s your Denim story?

Obsessive compulsive Denim freak!

He roams the streets tirelessly, wearing binoculars in the right places.

Quality never goes out of style!

His Denim Story makes for an amazing script for the swash buckler!

Super hit movie guaranteed at the Box Office.

Levis guys has grown richer and richer!

Yours truly!

He wears the denim with style in his thrilling adventure.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

25 thoughts on “A to Z: J for Jeans

  1. Jeans mein PhD karo nah Vish!!! You have produced almost a thesis on Jeans here!!! Loved it totally 🙂 J for jeans wow!!! unexpected yet awesome topic and wonderful post!!

  2. I’ve never loved jeans the way you love them, but I think it’s pretty cool that you do.

    Actually, I’ve had individual pairs of jeans which fit me so perfectly that I loved them… so maybe I get it after all 😉

  3. we waste so much money on silly things before we learn to earn 🙂
    I wasted all my money over books and music cassettes (used to receive too many dresses on durgapuja so rarely bought anything myself…)

  4. Wow, you are really into Jeans man!! I am quite the opposite, I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have gone shopping for clothes in the past 8 years. I just borrow clothes from my brother, whenever we meet.
    I do think one should have at least 1 unreasonable hobby, and I think its jeans for you.

    1. hehe! I am most comfy with jeans since it gives a sense of relaxation..I mean, I do go shopping after saving a certain amount since I couldn’t afford throughout during the college days. WoW! I wish I had a bro and in that way, I would be the first to take his clothes..lolz We all have unreasonable hobby and I have quite a few, jeans, movies, books and long walks..add to that train ride and, of course, coffee:)

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