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H for Holi and Hi 5

Today is H for April A to Z Blogging challenge as I choose to write on H for Holi and Hi5 as part of my theme, ‘College Memories. Now, this post on Holi was first published in 2011 and I am doing lil’ bit of cheating here by putting the new,edited version here by reminiscing bout the memories in Pune.


We all wait for the day to come to get bhang-ed as we let our hair down. After all, Holi hai bhai bura mat maan…During the college days in Pune, I would wait for Holi to come and dance to the tunes of colors as our friends would splash colors all over our face and our white Kurta redesigned in various textures. Or, the party we had at Corinthian club, Pune for Holi in 2005 where we had so much fun and swinging our hips to the iconic Rang Barrse bheege chunar wali rang barse. Or, fun with the gang near the alter mater at Fergusson College. I still remember how we were denied entry in a hotel opposite college, Savera just because our face were simply made up like clowns. The poor waiters had to bring tea for us as we would wait outside and felt like homeless destitutes owing to our multi-coloured face and clothes. Those were the days and as  I looked back on memories of Holi in college, I exude a smile, secretly wishing that those fun times would come back again.


Social networking is all over the place and you name it, you get it, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and what’s not.  There was the defunct Orkut that I loved like anything. Before that, there was something called HI5 which was new to me when I was in second year at College. I remember a friend sending me an invite for Hi5 and when I received the email notification, I thought that it was some online business where people invite each other to make money, like some e-commerce. I met the friend in college who asked whether I accepted her invite and, in turn, I casually asked how much money she’s making at Hi5. She gave me the, He is so stupid, look.

I mean, HI5 was alien to me and never thought we could make and add friends, upload photos like a film star on the internet or what one call nowadays, social media. See, I was not net savvy at all and took me a while to understand the whole Hi5 business. It was the time social media exploded and glad I was a participant during the college days. Still, I’ll say with pride that Hi5 came into my life at a time when we college pals were having real conversation over coffee with the gang and interacting on a very human level. Social media has just jeopardized our whole life  but we were spared and the college days or the Hi5 days was the era where we never became slave to social media.







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20 thoughts on “H for Holi and Hi 5

    1. Haan! Gauri! I swear there was no FB or Twitter and enjoyed college hang out and adventurous life, intellectual conversation about a life where we lived every single moment of life. College days defined who we became in life:)

  1. Yup.. I remember hi5, never logged in after signing up.. Dont know where it went.. One other thing that comes to my mind is Yaari.. Got request from someone in my friend list in orkut .. Yes back in those days we were no that engulfed by social media..

    1. It took me a while to understand Hi 5 but I loove Orkut..was soo much fun and better than page promotions and all. Those days living life was simple and once in a while, we would log on but real conversation gained precedence:)

  2. Two very different takes with H . About holi i feel all over the country we have the same eagerness for holi 🙂 And the last line about social media was too good .

    1. Thanks Sushree, we all wait for holi and celeb during college days is always awesome. That’s how I feel about social media how it has taken over our lives and so happy during college days, we had a life:)

  3. Hi Vishal,
    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge…interesting H posts you shared. I still get Hi5 emails in my oldest email address. Never had a chance to use it. 🙂
    Wishing you all the best with the Challenge! Cheers, Mary

    1. Thanks a ton and M so glad you liking the post. A big Hug for the encouraging words. Hehe! I still log from time-to-time and get email notifications. Just try logging once just for fun:)

  4. My college didn’t have wifi capabilities, until my final year and so I spent more time playing sports, dating and basically sleeping.
    I am however a invited member to FB, twitter and Gmail. But I put that down to my curiosity towards new tech.

    1. Me in Pune and Univ in Mumbai was not equipped with Hifi but, yeah, was going to nearby cyber and at that time was between 8 to 10 bucks per hour..spend the time roaming outside, sleeping,chatting for whole day in college too was an invitee on FB, Orkut and

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