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A to Z blogging challenge: Letter G for..aha! take a G for Guess!!!


The temptation to indulge in sin’ ful fun was rejected so many times as I watched pals rolling the joints cheaply available for 20 bucks in the city of Pune. I fell prey to the joint rolled in special paper roll available at the Pan shop or cheap cigarettes which is emptied of tobacco and filled with Ganja leaves. The perfume reached my nose as I lit my legally bought cigarette from the shop. Deep inside, I was longing for a puff of Ganja as my lips melted for the taste.

I’ve been a mute spectator witnessing the pals-cum-flat mates cleaning the leaves and filling the paper roll with Ganja leaves. I remember a college senior, A, invited me to join them for a Ganja session behind our most famous college hang out opposite our gate. I declined saying that I don’t smoke up and he smiled as he left with the gang. Then, one day, I decided to get a taste of the familiar flavor of Ganja and vividly remembered it was a Saturday evening . I was hanging around at S, the place we made beautiful college memories and was not oblivious where the pals destination to smoke up, near  the busy street. It was at the back of our college hang out S where J, A and B who were smoking up. I hailed them, “Dudes! I wanna try!!!” Sensing my excitement, they smiled to each other and teased, ”Ab ayya uth pahar ke neeche,” from the iconic movie Gabbar Singh. I saw them cleaning the stuffs, discarding the mud and tiny leaves scattered from the ‘good stuff’ that C would describe the weeds.

I took puffs and was feeling dizzy. Yeah! Ganja does that to you but feel relaxed, peaceful and free of worries while smoking up. As we bid each other farewell, I took some grains with me and as I reached my room, I filled my cigarette with the Ganja leaf. There was a bottle of water by my side as I lied on the mattress on the floor. The effect was bang on as I was flying in the sky, swimming my way in heavenly world. Yeah, you feel damn thirsty and hungry. I’ve done it. Yay!!!!

I joined the flat mates A and C and smoking up often with them during parties and exam times. Ganja was our outlet to relax and be one with the universe full of love, compassion and peace. You feel spiritual. It was heavenly and we bonded over Ganja that we bought at the slums for just 20 bucks! Man! It’s good stuff that we get in Pune as we bonded and shared our dreams. You don’t feel fettered as you speak freely about life, dreams and all that matters. Nopes! Ganja is not addictive unlike alcohol or cigarette. You feel peaceful smoking up .

Life is all about carving memories and I believe in the adage, ‘One should try everything in life.’ I, no longer, do the good stuffs but they scripted their own place inside my heart as they made the friends bond over the smoke curling itself a bit like the college memories in Pune. The Ganja parties were the best of times to bond and make special friends as well as beautiful memories.

Today is Day 7 of the April A to Z blogging challenge under the theme, ‘College Memories.” It’s letter G for Ganja for me. I can’t believe I wrote about it as part of the challenge.





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34 thoughts on “A to Z blogging challenge: Letter G for..aha! take a G for Guess!!!

  1. I’ve never smoked, just never been interested – but I don’t judge others for giving it a go. Just never appealed to me at all. 😛 But I do have a drink now and then …

    1. Hi Swathi, welcome to my was fun times with! I know many won’t agree but ganja was fun:) It was a phase, ya but I haven’t taken for a very long time. I’ve moved on:)

    1. Lol! I understand, Shilpa but it was a phase in life..I mean, mom would kill me and understand ur concern as a very good friend. I really appreciate how you always encourage me in all my endeavors and trust me, it means a lot to me. I mean, I wanted to taste to know how Ganja is like, u know..But, I am done with it and don’t take since the past 2 years:)

  2. I can’t say I approve.. but I have heard the same from my friend who still smokes it once in a while in the company of friends. I scold him as well!

  3. Ha ha ha – trying everything in life. Have to laugh with your vivid posts Vishal:-) You seem so happy with your life and just going for it … Of course the morality guard in me would strongly advice against such behavior. Crazy me just have to laugh:-)

    1. hey Eli!! Lol, I am actually making you laugh..well!! I am not very happy with my life right now but trying to find some positivity in life and make it meaningful. I shall be very happy when I back in Mumbai:)
      Oh! Thanks for the advice and glad to make u laugh:)

    1. Lol! I can’t believe am making people wanna smoke. I should put a disclaimer: The blogger takes no responsibility if someone wanna smoke up after reading this post.
      That’s awesome yaa… what’s wrong in wanting to and not on! You rock, ya:) You said it.

  4. i admire all those silly things we do in college days. i haven’t smoked Ganja. But i know the weightlessness it gives you is nothing but the chemical take care bro..

  5. I am just wondering does anybody from your family reads this??? This is a brave attempt! G for Ganja… Never thought about it! Seriously… But people are experimental that I have learned in past years 😛

    1. haha! Elixered and I hope too, nobody comes across! Reason,why I am not sharing stuffs on FB and stuffs. I wanna come out of the closet and be brave. It’s high time and been seven years now. Thanks for commenting and being lovely on my space.
      Love your last lines:)

      1. Cool!!! It was fun, yaar, the awesome college days and experimenting made for great memories:) I remem some friends were buying at Karve Road and at Shiv mandir:)

  6. Never tried weed, but my hostel always had at least one person smoking that stuff, at any point of time. I am actually a little surprised that you decided to bare the truth. Good call..

    1. Me too! Lots of hostel mates in Mumbai were smoking up and ended smoking up there towards the end of stay. Lol! It’s been seven years now and I was like, what the harm in letting the cat out of the bag:)

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