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Harbinger of good news on blog

Hello Happiness!

Where art thou!

Eyes shining with dreams and aspirations,

armed with fire in my belly to take on the world and fulfill my aspirations.

Adversity and upsets! There shall be!

We shall emerge victorious as the world belongs to dreamers .

Aspirations, dreams, hope and seekers..

Weavers of dreams and self belief to make it become true.

Hey folks,

I’ve been busy with April A to Z challenge. I’ve missed reading and commenting on your blogs for a while since I’ve been busy with the challenge and you gotta bear with me. Harbinger of good news on the blogging front and I’m enjoying it. The past few weeks were fulfilling since I’ve been featured by Blogadda for their weekend WoW post, wrote a guest post for Sheethal Susan Jacob’s blog and Sugandha featured me on her blog.  If that was not enough, Tazein honored me with yet another blog award. The more, the merrier!!!

2014 promises to be bigger, better and eventful on the blogging space. It is for the first time I am participating in the April blog marathon for a full month and earlier, I was skeptical to participate since I felt that I may not be up to the challenge. Finally, I decided to take it up and, so far, it’s been good going. I loove brain storming stuffs and am enjoying the ride, no matter how wracking it is for the grey cells.

Ah!! I wrote in my personal diary after ages and I am jotting on future plans which I will hopefully see the results in a year and a half. I will constantly assess progress made every three months to see how things are moving and improve upon the self. Writing in a diary for a purpose is a very fulfilling exercise since we get to explore and know the real self better as well as chasing our dreams.

I shall leave you with links for

1. Blog Adda WoW post

2. Guest post on Sheethal Susan’s blog

3. Featured interview on the lovely Sugandha’s blog

Give a big shout to the amazing bloggers whose posts I enjoy reading and do let me know, how you find them. Lemme rush for my Day Six Post for A to Z on letter F.

Have a lovely Sunday




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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