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A to Z April Challenge: F for Fergusson College

Fergusson College, the Alma Mater and the place I spent the best and blissful years of life where I made awesome memories in life, amazing friends, fell in love, nursed break up and lived a perfect life. Those were the perfect days where worry or trouble never existed in my dictionary of life. The Fergusson days were the days where we had animated discussion on politics, philosophy, life, girls, cinema  and dreams.

I made such amazing friends where my pals saw the best of me, bore my frustrations on things that didn’t work, saw the crazy me and where I was reminded and told to be myself. Fergusson College was my anthem of life and was allowed to be mad and ridiculous. Yeah, I made mistakes in life, fucked up things, got shit drunk, smoked up and roamed freely till the wee hours in the morning. Fergusson College made me who I am. It is with pride that I  say that I am a Fergussonian.

Sometimes, pictures speak thousand words and express countless emotions. I shall leave pictures of Fergusson College that shall speak of my emotions and love for my alma mater. Let the pictures speak and express what I wanna say.

It's Kimaya where meetings held for college fest
It’s Kimaya where meetings held for college fest
Our college canteen
Our college canteen
Front view of Fergusson College
Front view of Fergusson College
Main gate at Fergusson College
Main gate at Fergusson College


A 2-A3 classrooms
A 2-A3 classrooms
E 2-E3 classrooms
E 2-E3 classrooms
The main circle where we would sit before and after lectures to hang around.
The main circle where we would sit before and after lectures to hang around.

Today is Day 6  and letter F for Fergusson Collge as part of the April A to Z Blogging challenge where I am participating under the theme, ‘College Memories.’



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26 thoughts on “A to Z April Challenge: F for Fergusson College

  1. Hi, the pictures are great and so are some of the memories you point out. We all have a ‘Fergusson College’ in our hearts, that place which was like a refuge, where we lived and loved living.

  2. Ahhh – those care-free college days…*sigh* Funny written piece – can tell u had some good year there Vishal – with your hymn to your college:-) Nicely written:-)

  3. College days are the best days and we all have so many fun, funny, naughty, emotional memories associated with college. And looks like you made all these memories at Fergusson College! 🙂

    1. Truly said, Shilpa. For everyone of us, college days remain the best days of life where we were allowed to be fun, funny and naughty. Such an emotional trip. I swear most of the awesome memories made at FC and quite a few made in Mumbai as well:)

  4. Ahhh, the university days. For me they are quite far in the past by now. 😉 My last studies at uni were in 2006 when I did a postgrad diploma. Before that, I finished my undergrad degree in 2002. So yeah, it’s been a while. I sort of don’t miss the studying aspect of it, though I did love learning new things. But I miss the friendships, as I don’t still have all of them!

    1. These are the best and memorable days if my life, Trisha. I completed my grads at Fergusson College in 2006 and enrolled for post grade till 2008. So, we finished more or less at the same time. I mean, I used to miss the friendships and spent great time with those guys. But, now I don’t miss those times that much since I came to the belief that it is important to carve out new memories in life and we have better times ahead:)

    1. hehe! This is the ideal and after all, I’ve been tormented for years after going back to Mauritius..loz,,Saddi Delhi and ull miss Pune even more, This is only the trailer, Debo:)

    1. It’s a beautiful building, architecture carved by the British. I am absolutely in love with the building and such a peaceful place. I remember taking long walks in the evening with friends. Such a serene place. I still miss my college:)

  5. Hi Vishal! Great post! Stumbled upon this post since I was looking up Fergusson College. My little brother has enrolled himself for FYBSc in FC this year. I hope his college days are also as much fun as you describe here 🙂

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