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E for E-Square



PUNE, Ganeshkhind

College hot spot, movie talkies, an affair to remember with entertainment, friends books, food and window shopping. Hello Happiness! That’s E-Square for you, me and Punekars. An experience in watching movies at Ganeshkind area is enmeshed in my flawless and near perfect college memory spent in Pune where the chances of bumping into a college mate, friend or acquaintance is nine out of ten..the odds couldn’t get more real than that.  E-Square, the chill zone of Fergussonians and the huge college crowd in Pune who would hang out there be it, multiplex watching the latest release, Archies, Crossword or Food Court.

E Square opened its way to bliss in 2003 the same year I moved to Pune and I was staying few meters away from the multiplex at Deep Bangla Chowk (DBC). It is something which is very close to me and I can never ever obliterate from my awesome college memories. Bumping lectures to reach E-Square to catch the morning show was too tempting like the chocolates for just 60 bucks and remained  an experience to marvel with the gang. I love the crowd teeming its way at E-Square and one couldn’t avoid the gaze of former crush, classmates, frenz or someone you couldn’t see for ages but would cross your path at the multiplex. I have lovely memories carved at E-Square which was the place to be.


Once I walked my way from home to watch Main Prem Ki Deewani but the show was houseful. Hence, had no option by hail a rickshaw to Mangala to catch up. I made up with Baghbaan for the first time and marveled at the cool mall where one could shop for books or DVDs at Crossword or cards at Archies. I mean, E Square is one such place I would whine my time alone or in the company of college pals. The attraction of seeing a hot female where one has to carefully plan its move to strike a conversation, which I never did. Ha! It was the place to see beautiful faces, read gals, belonging to different colleges in the city called ‘Oxford of the East.’ I love the chill and uber cool atmosphere and, of course, the huge area on second and third floor where one would order a coffee that will be accompanied with smoke at leisure. E-Square is and was the place to be where beautiful memories were made and one cannot think of Pune without the swanky E-Square where I watched tons of movies, be it in the morning, noon or past midnight.

The Pune memories or the perfect days of college life, read three years extended vacation couldn’t be complete, without E-Square. As I look back, it seems like a distant dream, something that never happened. As I look back, the cheap trips to E Square starting from 60 bucks seems as if it was yesterday only. Yeps, at times, I would walk all the way to E Square from College, three kilometers in the sun and it was fun as I picked newspapers and mags such as Filmfare and India Today on the way. As I look back, I try not to feel a pinch of beautiful moments that weaved its magic on me and, over time, I learned to be grateful to life and cherish memories.

The post is written as part of the A to Z April Challenge 2014 ( under the theme, College Memories. Today is letter E for E Square.




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34 thoughts on “E for E-Square

  1. I remember watching Avengers here, as I was on business trip to Pune that time.

    This one of the few places where I know that one can buy jawbreakers and those BIG lollipops

    1. Hehe! Santulan!! Yeps, I swear it’s one such cool place to buy big lollipops, jawbreakers and what’s many under one roof..artist doing ur exactly replica which was such a big hit. I love watching movies there and rembr watching The Terminal and Spiderman there::)

    1. Now, it’s upmarket, I’m sure Michelle. At that time, when it started it became toast of the season with college students like a kinda very cool place to hang out. Now, prices ha shot up and visited last in Jan 2012..

    1. It’s amazing, Kathy and unique memories that will never come back again..the age of innocence and fun were truly amazing. It was the time where I was an idealistic where impossible never existed in my dictionary. Thanks, Kathy:)

  2. All of your A-Z posts will provide such a terrific record of your time at college! What a great idea. You’ll treasure them in years to come.

    1. Thanks a ton for such lovely words. Now, you making me scared whether i’ll live up to expectations. You know there was a time when I started penning my college memories which I left was the time of pen and paper and wondered whether ill be really able to make it the time has come and may be ill go back to the pen and paper.
      Thanks for writing such lovely words:)

  3. I’ve never been to E-Square.

    You are so obviously in love with Pune (not surprising at all to anybody who’s spent some time in Pune!), you should have named your theme ‘My romance with Pune’!

    1. You must visit once and it’s totally worth. I am and Pune is the city where I started my life and my career. The city does things to you and it’s an ongoing romance, an addictive city showering unadulterated love. Hey, I love the theme suggested, ‘My romance in Pune’:) Next time, may be!!!!!

    1. hey! Debo! E-Square is the place to be and I’ve started from Baghbaan to LOC, Black and many more, both Hindi and English. I am absolutely in love with the place that is part of our Pune memories..Gazillion of movies, thousands memories and countless emotions at E Square:)

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