D for Doodle

D for Doodle

Nail biting, day dreaming, twisting the hair locks..,,I am plain bored at the sight of the mechanical lectures..oops! The subject that fails to garner an interest to my lost soul whose mind is occupied by the girl it just saw at the main circle..read Campus or College Katta. In plain words, I am bored and constantly check the handset to ensure when the lecturer will stop blabbering,oops, narrating our psychological and social behavior.

The white sheet look divine like a swan and crisp..hey I’m speaking bout my notebook where I am sitting and pretending to jot notes. Speak bout writing in the air and making the pen swing in the air since I am very studious. Miracle just happened. Now! Is it some magical pen or what? It swung in the air to fool the lecturer and I can see the white paper has turned blue..some imaginary stuffs been inked on ma note book. I am amazed at my artistic and aesthetic skills during the sociology lecture. I doodled some stuffs, birds soaring above school, parapet at Marine Drive, rocks, sea waves, people, channa wala, chaiwala and the sun, rains. OMG! I just doodled, oblivious of my imaginary skills. Well! That’s what doodle is all about.

Dring! Dring! The bell rings as my doodle is brought to an abrupt end..stupid Mama (caretaker) Why does he need to put stumbling block to my creative talent of doodling? I put the note book in the bag, careful so that classmates don’t see my doodling during Socio lecture as I head outside the classroom to hang around the main circle with some friends..Thanx God, the boring lecture gave way to my creative doodling. Now, who says we can’t be creative during super boring lecture? Now, Google is aping our doodling and minting money. Peanuts for my doodling lost in translation, I tell you.

It’s Day 4 and Alphabet D. It’s D for Doodle. I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z April  Challenge under the theme, ‘College Memories.’ Follow the FB link for more, https://www.facebook.com/atozchallenge .

With Love



  1. This brings to mind all the wonderful doodling I used to do in the faculty meanings at the university where I taught. It had actually become a common knowledge, and when I was leaving that institution my Dean asked me if he could keep some of my doodles as good-bye gifts. I of course obliged. Wonder what he did with them! I am sure they made their journey to his trash-bin, when he retired, just a year after I left. Otherwise I could have those masterpieces hanging in my living room now🙂

  2. Oh. I used to doodle efficiently😛 That was quite long ago though😉 Not done in a while. Nothing as boring as a Constitutions class on a summer afternoon I guess😛

    Nice one Vishal!

  3. I have such terrible handwriting that I have a hard time reading my grocery lists — so my writing looks like doodling. I have no artistic ability in this area so my doodling isn’t very pretty either, I’m afraid

  4. D for doodle – great .. I am definitely a doodler ( is that a word?) – especially when talking on the phone, and if I am in a boring situation – the the doodler in me wakes up..:-) Nice post, Vishal

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