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C for College Crush/es

It happens to us zillion times. But, when it happens to a fresher in college for the first time, it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Your innocent heart beats at a pulsating rate and mind you, 100,000 times faster. You hum romantic and mushy songs on your way to college as you try to pen the most horrible poem in a note-book to express your feeling. She makes you laugh and gives the impression she’s your first and last love.

No prize for guessing, I am writing on letter C for Crush/ College Crush. It was 2003 in Fergusson College. I have fallen for the hottest female in college who was the favorite of everyone, from Mr Handsome to Mr Cool, Mr Flirt and, of course Me-Mr Nobody, average and ugly-looking, dork and what’s not. She appeared in a video clip aired on TV and was quite a famous model in town. Wearing rimmed spectacle, I reached college at the earliest and stand at the Katta as my gaze longing for her sight. When will she come?, I ask myself. I can’t gather the courage to drop a Hi as she is serenaded by her gang of girls and the uber charming boys in college. I walk past her but she ignored me.

Image credit: Google
Image credit: Google

Days passed and I, somehow, managed to say Hi to her as she replied feebly, more so throwing her attitude of being the Miss!!! Nopes, I didn’t get her number but, somehow, enjoyed have rare kinda conversation with her. Shez someone with a good soul but never took a liking for me. Hota hai! Hota hai!! Who would enjoy the attention showed by a Geek?! I moved on and my dreams of taking her to CCD down the road and offering a red rose crashed down. The climax: She did sent me her wedding invite when she tied the knot lost year.

That was in 2003, first year in college. Unfazed by rejection and my ugly fugly looks, I somewhat succeeded in crushing on other chicks in college…enjoyed the harmless flirting at randomness inside college gate, lecture hall and outside college over coffee, the sms-es that went beyond midnight, silly forwards, countless messages sent across the handset, one after the other. The sms beep made me sprang on my feet, read, the heart go wild with excitement or the vaade of giving missed calls to wake up each other in the morning so that we can reach college Β in time to attend the morning lectures.

C for Cafe Coffee Day


Image Credit: CCD
Image Credit: CCD

Ok! I am not a huge fan of CCD for the simple reason that we were not allowed to smoke inside and my loyalty was, ultimately, shifted to Barista. Nevertheless, when I first moved to Pune way back in 2003, my first stop was CCD for the pure and simple reason that it was cool place to hang out with music and all, plus reading newspapers,of course, chicks. I first tasted a Cold Iced Eskimo and the ice cream topping that I loved like anything. I experimented with Devil’s Own and Kaapi Nirvana for the frothy taste and ice cream topping…heaven. Yeah! An incident happened to me at CCD and, obviously, not gonna reveal it. The very few times were spent accompanying a friend at CCD for an hour or so. But, gimme Barista any day. Yeah, I love reading the CCD mag!

Day 3 of theΒ April #AtoZChallenge: I am writing on letter C for Crush/College Crush and a small chapter on C for CCD as part of the prompt. Hope you enjoy my take.



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

38 thoughts on “C for College Crush/es

  1. ohh.. the crushes.. and then all the mushy and sugary songs become enjoyable πŸ˜›

    and then when the ‘propsal’ is rejected or one finds out that the their crush is with someone else.. all the sad sorrowful songs are on loop πŸ˜€

  2. Lol! I swear Vishal, you are so sweet! Not ugly at all, it was that girl’s loss, not yours, I too was a geek half my life, I think it’s good! Waiting for D! πŸ™‚

  3. I am doing a Vishal reverse marathon here for the A-Z, and I am pleasantly surprised by how real you have kept your posts. This is my joint favorite with G.

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