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A to Z challenge: A for Admission, A-7 and Aundh

A to Z:

Blogging from A to Z, the biggest challenge, the April Challenge. The very thought of taking the challenge scared me to death and wanna make me jump off the cliff. Finally, I am here and it’s the first day. Mind you, it’s not April Fool. Wishing all the bloggers who signed up best and time to tickle the grey matter in your cells, folks. It’s not suicidal tendency, so chill! Here, my theme is college memories as I take a trip down memory lane to my alma mater, Fergusson College.

A for A 7/ Admission


It was the start of Monsoon, June 2003, in India. I opened the sealed envelope handed to me by the clerk at the University of Pune. I felt frantic heart beat and anxiety pangs from within. I was dying to know which college I obtained for my under grads. Finally, I took the courage to open the envelope at the University and almost shrieked, nearly stomping my foot on the ground. I jumped with joy and the letter says, Fergusson College. Yes! I nailed it. I bagged the best college in Pune and top ten colleges in India. I could feel the chill down my spine. I hailed a rickshaw and excitedly asked the driver to take me to Fergusson College. I was on cloud 9. WoW! I still refuse to believe it. It was like a dream coming true to study in the elite and one of the hip college in Pune. I gonna be a Fergussonian and I did.

I filed the documents for admissions and received the challan after paying college fees via demand draft. I scanned the green challan and proudly held the recipe between my fingers that showed the name, Fergusson College. It was a moment of pride and I met the admission officer, Jog Ma’am whose first words rang true in my ears, “Pune is a beautiful place to live and study. You’ll love the city.” I was excited to attend the morning 7 a.m lectures and was handed the time table showing lecture timing. The timing struck me as on Tuesday, we gotta have only one lecture while Thursday to Saturday would be jam-packed from 7 a.m to 12.30. I hopped straight to Savera, the restaurant opposite Fergusson College, that I made home and the first thing I ordered was a nimbu paani (lime water). Lil’ did I know the Annas would become part of my life as family members for five years and Savera would be home to me. Today, Savera has closed its shutters but memories remain forever in the heart.

A 7

Don’t they say, our alma mater and the first classroom we attend is captured in our heart like a Kodak moment.? Our classroom A 7  and lecture hall is where we were taught Compulsory English at 7 a.m, Economics. Psychology and Sociology. We were innocent kids that developed crushes in the classroom where beautiful girls, 18 somethings came and stole the show. After all, who attends 7 a.m lecture? Well! I did! Sleepy eyes grabbing a cuppa tea for three  bucks only on the street before dashing my way to A7 as we were taught English, the narration of Pandit Jawharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi and so many. I wonder how many of us were following our English lecture taught by Jadhav Sir lecture since we just woke up from slumber. Our first lectures took place in A-7 and remember our socio teacher asking us to write an essay on, ‘Fergusson College as I see it.’ It was funny. The first year went in the flick of time as we had no time to sit and realize, amidst bunking lectures, making new friends, college friends, masti and falling in & out of love.

Coming early to college and waiting for the crush near the Katta or Main Circle in an attempt to strike an innocent but lame conversation or simply catching a glimpse of the cute or hot girls. That’s what college dudes do in first year.


A for Aundh. The first place I stayed as a PG at Goodwill Housing Society. It’s a very peaceful and breezy place where the owner Mr Oak fed us with delicious Maharashtrian food and gulab jamun. Homely made food that made the transition  smooth as one is spared of the trouble of arranging for food in the start since it is a culture shock being away from parents. I loved the serene and peaceful atmosphere, enjoying long walks surrounded by forests in Aundh towards Parihar Chowk. I would often hang out at Ozone, doing time pass in super market and love the student hip N cool crowd hanging around, smiling and laughing. I would be at Ozone which was minutes away from my new PG and sipping cold coffee at CCD, inside Ozone. I fell in love with the place after shedding tears coz was missing my parents. It was a transition that would define me as a person.

I didn’t stay for long at Aundh and moved at Deep Bangla Chowk in the house owned by same person since converging to college at FC came out quite expensive by Rickshaw. I enjoyed my time at Aundh as Mr Oak took me to his cultivated land as we rode on the huge tractor. Pune is truly a home away from home. No wonder I love the A alphabets for Admission, A-7 and Aundh.

PS: I am done with First Day, First Show, Alphabet A and am clueless about letter B. Will toy with B as the day ends. Today’s challenge came out to be a lengthy affair and will try to make it short tomorrow.

Happy Reading and celebrate the fest-cum-challenge with pomp.



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36 thoughts on “A to Z challenge: A for Admission, A-7 and Aundh

  1. Vishal, that’s a nice theme you have chosen. And I am sure you will have some fun and some wild memories to share as we go beyond Admissions 🙂 All the very best as you walk down the memory lane 🙂

  2. You make your memories so vivid that I can really feel your enthusiasm. It’s exciting for kids to get away from home and go to college. So cool about Mr. Oak’s food. Yum!
    (I followed on network blogs, liked on FB)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog

  3. Thank you sweet Vishal, waiting to read more- You write so nicely, I am giving you an award later today, you can make it later, I know you are very busy, but I can’t leave your name out!

  4. Vishal, I can’t help thinking how lucky you indeed were to study in Pune. Your memories took me on a trip of my own where Aundh, Deep Bangla Chowk, Ozone, Savera and FC feature very prominently. Pune is indeed a charmer of a city, one you cant help fall in love with.
    Super post. Whenever you feel like reminiscing, you know whom to contact. 🙂

    1. I know, Debo! I feel very lucky to experience life in Pune, be it JM, FC, DBC, Aundh, Ozone or Camp. How can I forget Savera where I spent the whole day. So well said, Pune is a charmer that makes us feel in love. Thanks ton and now we can speak on Pune zillion times. Hey are u on FB? Can u send me a request if u are:))

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