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Mumbai Musing (7): Street Food

Nothing taste better than the mouth-watering street food in Maximum City as the tongue lick the hot concoction that find its way in our hungry stomach. Nothing can beat the street food in Mumbai as one zigzags from one galli to another to treat one self amid the frenzied crowd and grab a bite as we sweat profusely in the sun during the day. Street food is all about having a taste of the city during festivals whether it’s Ganesh Chaturthi or Eid or, for that matter, on an ordinary day. Mumbai’ street food is special to one as we enjoy our street food that defines the city’s attitude.

1. Pav Bhaji

The taste of the Pav Bhaji on the crowded street in Mumbai as we dip the ‘bread’ in the masala smeared with ghee as we stand at Chowpatty Beach or outside the station trying to hold the plate and Pav in our hand. It’s not just the taste but also the attitude that defines Mumbaikars on a lazy evening. It’s all about surviving in the city and enjoy a hot Pav Bhaji meal. If you have been to Mumbai, and not  tasted Pav Bhaji, you have missed the ‘feeling’ of good food on the street.


2. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is to Mumbai or, for that matter, India what Mc Donald is to Americans. It’s cheap and something you munch on your way to university in the mad rush that you are subjected to in the city. I love my Vada Pav with green chilly and it’s something one takes along in the train or bus during long journeys to ensure you are not left starving. Vada Pav is our own ‘Mumbaikar’ quick bite that comes cheap and during rainy days or when there is a delay in money or living on a shoe-string budget, our Vada Pav suits us. It is a mark of Mumbai and it’s cheaply available on every nook-and-corner of the streets.


3. Anda (Egg) Bhurji

I am a self claimed fan of Anda Bhurji which is often the evening meal as you order single or double to the guy making the yummy stuff which is our ‘Desi’ version of scrambled eggs. It is made in five minutes and it’s something true blue Mumbaikars swear by. Anda Bhurji is filling as the stomach craves for more and defines the personality of Mumbai as a city. Anda Burji is offered till the wee hours in the morning and is one stop stop for late night party revellers who halt for a quick bite. Anda Bhurji is Mumbai fast selling food on which a whole city and stalls thrive on. Don’t they, Mumbai maximum city and Anda Bhurji maximum snack.


4. Pani Puri

Now, who can beat that? Is there someone who never tasted our mouth-watering Pani Puri on the busy streets at Churchgate, Andheri, Dadar or Bandra? I dare you! I love the mouth watering sweet, spicy or balance of spicy and sweet on the streets or beach side at Bandra Bandstand. Mumbaikars are obsessed with their Pani Puri where the vendor through its skilful finger punch a hole in the Pani Puri and fill with Boondi and Channa at Bandra Bandstand as we feel the sea breeze while munching on our ‘Pani Puri’. Whatta breezy experience! You gotta taste the Pani Puri to feel the drizzling emotion like the Monsoon love.

pani puri

5. Kheema

Mutton Kheema remains my favorite and it’s a life long experience to taste Kheema with lemon and Pav at every nook-and-corner in the city. I love the Kheema at Bandra and Marine Lines and, of course, Mohamad Ali road during Ramzan. The very sight of Muslims and Non-Muslims after the fast and storming their way to taste the amazing non-veg food showcases one of the most celebrated festivals. Non-veg food such as Kebabs, beef fry and Chicken Sanju Baba (yeah! right named after actor Sanjay Dutt recipe) at Noor Mohammadi is a delight. Check out the amazing non-veg food at Bade Miyan in Colaba, in particular Kebabs, and Beef fry with gorgeous Naan a minute away at Baghdadi.

Food during Eid at Mohammed Ali Road
Food during Eid at Mohammed Ali Road

bade miya

6. Bhel Puri

Nothing beats a gorgeous Bhel Puri snack that makes a heart jolly and fun. Crunchy mix of puff rice, sev and tamarind chutney, among others and the best Bhel Puri served in town is at Girgaon Chowpatty Beach and at Juhu. I love adding Dahi to make Bhel Puri a heart warming treat to the heart. Bhel Puri and Mumbai street food is synonym of being hale and hearty.


7.  Chole Bature

I love my Chole Bature with Puri on the streets and it’s taste better on the streets than you would in a classy restaurant in the city. Potatoes, Onion and hot crisp, inflated Puri dipped in the Chole Bature is served hot as you burn your finger but warm the stomach to heaven. Why would Mumbai be without its share of Chole Bature, I wonder? I love the Chole Bature outside Mumbai University at Fort and Juhu Beach. It’s sinful.

Chole Bhature

8. Dosa

South Indian Dosa with Sambhar or the pancake made from Rice has found its way in cosmoplitan Mumbai and is one of ma favorite  that I stuff in the hungry stomach. Mysore, Sada or Masala Dosa, it’s yummy. We love our staple Dosa crispy as it made way into our heart. Give me my dosa any day as I munch my way and love the variations being offered. You can grab an awesome dosa at Khau Galli at Fort or Priyanka Fast Food just opposite Air India building where you flirt with different variations and flavor as you get a feel of Marine Drive and SoBo’s experience of living life king size.


9. Falooda


For sure, Falooda is not street food but it’s the best way to treat yourself to a cold and luxurious creamy, sweet experience after tasting various hot food and snacks in the city. Make it big and enjoy Mumbai’s sweetest experience which is unique to the city. Enjoy the creamy layers, badam and vermicelli as a true Mumbaikar united with the city.


Street Food is a fascinating experience in a city where people have no time to laze around. Who says we cannot laze around post a busy day? Just enjoy the street food that add its own style to the good old Mumbai charm where everything lovable and yummy is available on the streets. Street food is not just the poor man or woman food in the city but it’s an attitude in Maximum City. Let’s define it. Gosh! Now, I’m missing Mumbai like hell.

Love you Mumbai






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24 thoughts on “Mumbai Musing (7): Street Food

    1. I know!!!! Zinal!! I miss the yummy food so much. I missed Mumbai Sandwich.sorry for! I love the Mumbai Sandwich and one shouldn’t miss it for anything in the world..the topping, betroot, potato:) It’s yummy:)

  1. Pani puri my favorite!! :-Yummy!! Ill have some for u next time Vishal:-) Great culinary journey u took us on here – I will check out the ones I have not tried yet:-) Thanks for the tip!

    1. Isn’t it awesome, Eli? You better have some for me and make sure, u have some. Pleasure is mine and have you tasted the Mumbai sandwich? It’s awesome.I so miss Pani Puri, Bhel Puri and the rest like hell..

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