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100 Words on Saturday 2014 #9: S/He felt her/his heart begin to heal…………

Hey  folks!! It’s Saturday and is back with Saturday 100 Words. I am taking part in the prompt, ‘100 Words on Saturday 2014 #9: S/He felt her/his heart begin to heal…………’ and hope you like it. As usual, looking for your honest feedback.

With Love


S/He felt her/his heart begin to heal…………




He united with his muse after five years. He was dissuaded to brave the sea to be in her company. They told him, ‘Your mom will be staying all alone and how could you do this?’ He listened to his heart and his heart began to heal. It was pure bliss and happiness.  It was a something he couldn’t express  in words but felt within. He wished one day his Mom could understand his feeling for her muse. They were destined to be together. It’s his city, Mumbai, the place that completed him as an individual and he felt her.











Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

39 thoughts on “100 Words on Saturday 2014 #9: S/He felt her/his heart begin to heal…………

    1. Moms have a big heart and hope she will understand where his heart lies. What matters is what lies inside the heart and his love for his mother is pure:) Thanks, Swathi:)

    1. Thanks,Sharmistha, it restore my faith to see that you loved the story and believing in the beauty of human life, love and dreams. Encouraging words makes me happy and soothes the heart. Peace:)

  1. Nice take, Vishal. I never expected that the muse would turn out to be a city. Yes the mother will understand, I’m sure 🙂

    1. Hey! I am so glad that it’s a story of someone you know. There are so many like that today and did the Mom understand, kya? coz im interested to know. Thanks ton, Gauri:)

      1. The Mom hasn’t understood anything. But she has begun to live with it, and the fact that it can never change. But still she tries from time to time to coax him back 🙂

      2. I mean it’s sad and I don’t see any point why he should come back. As someone told me, if someone is unhappy, how can he or she give happiness to Mom.

      3. some Moms are like that. They are humans yar, not perfect. So let it be. You do what you know in your heart is right and hope that one day everything will be better 🙂

      4. I know. I mean, I understand and see their perspective as well since at their age, they are unwilling to move away coz it’s tough to leave things that suit them. I mean, it’s tough for them. But, as you said, we are humans and as long as we know the heart is right..

    1. I swear Beloo. A place means a lot to people and something one cannot quantify or define in words. It’s only the heart can understand and it’s an emotion:) Thanks a ton and love the positive thoughts..They truly do::)

    1. Thanks ton, Shilpa for the constant encouragement and m so glad to get a yes from you:) I try to bring things that can be close to life at times and it’s always good to get honest feedback from fellow bloggers:)

    1. I am so happy to hear that you enjoying the posts. I also look forward to your inspiring posts and it’s a delight to read you. Thanks tons and blessed to have a friend like you:)

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