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April A to Z blogging challenge: Theme Reveal

Yay!!! Finally after much dilly dallying, I decided to be part of the A to Z April blogging challenge. Apprehensions! There were coz I’ve never attempted something on such a large scale and blogging is becoming such a thrilling and adventurous trip in April. Initially, I faced minor hiccups and was ever ready to give up, wondering whether I’ll be able to do justice to the challenge. I mean, I’ve blogged consistently for a month but the letters A to Z scared me to death.

One day, Damyanti, one of the brains behind A to Z checked whether I am still game for the challenge since I told some people that I might give up on the A to Z challenge. I mean, I was clueless how it works. Then, I thought, yeah, it gonna be crazy, mad but giving up would be the easiest option, isn’t it? This is how I took on the challenge and ever ready to face up the daunting task of racking the brain to come up with creative stuffs that will be churned out in April. Giving up in life is too easy an option and that’s not me. I am motivated to the hilt and the idea is to take on the A to Z and, trust me, rough times and storm  test our strength and endurance to achieve extraordinary things. I shall call it baby steps that will steer the way for extraordinary things in life.

High five to #TeamDamyanti and for which our dear friend Vidya Suri of is co-hosting the A to Z Challenge Theme with Anna Tan, Csenge Zalka, Guilie Catilla Oriard and Samantha.


Theme Reveal: College Memories

I was toggling with the idea of the theme and spoke to some blogger-friends on my theme for April. Finally, I stumbled on college memories. I announce my April theme and confirm, college memories. I decided to divide the month of April into short stories, poems and diary to unfurl my theme, ‘College Memories.’

A to Challenge Theme reveal blogfest

Beautiful badge bearing the imprint of Samantha Redstreak Geary

A to Z: What it’s all about? 

April A to Z blog challenge is a kinda yearly marathon that bring 2500+ bloggers together for which the team calls ‘Mega Blog Hop.’ Starting on April 1, we write 26 posts starting with letters A to Z as the name suggest, until we reach letter Z on April 30. It goes like like letter A on April 1, letter B on April 2 and letter C on April 3, it goes like that. On Sunday, we have a day off which we can spend for working on the posts for the rest of the days. For the whole month, read 26 days, we achieve our target of 26 alphabets. Bingo!

I should have posted earlier, on March 21 but was flustered with stuffs plaguing my life and was caught up. My apologies for the delay. Here, looking forward to build my network, make new friends and discover amazing blogs.







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

26 thoughts on “April A to Z blogging challenge: Theme Reveal

  1. Glad you decided to jump in AtoZ and what a lovely theme! I’m sure will be able to relate to the college fun days. ‘Those were the best days of my life!’

  2. Sounds fascinating, Vishal. It will be very interesting to read your recollections of college days, especially as you are in another country than I (it will allow me to travel, but in the mind and through your words!). An advanced thank you for sharing your stories with the world! 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton and looking forward for 26 days of fun blogging..ab ayega mazaa,,why you didn’t participate, Pixie? Tanku! I’ll need lotsa encouragement and luck. LUCK BY CHANCE::)

    1. I am so happy and excited..glad I didn’t abandon at the last minute and for sure, it gonna be awesome, Kathy. I need encouragement and wish you the same. Looking forward to read ur take:)

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