100 Words on Saturday: ‘the greatest love of all’

Hey folks, I am participating in 100 Words on Saturday 2014 #8 :   ‘the greatest love of all’ hosted by writetribe.com. Hope you liking it and looking forward to honest feedback.

With Love



‘the greatest love of all’

Love of a mother for her child as the child reciprocates the feeling;

Lovers pulling strings to grow old together;

Love of citizens for their country on the Independence Day;

Heart that grow close together and love unconditionally;

Our love and attachment and bondage to a place, person or family,

why do we need to call it ‘the greatest love of all’?

Why give a name to relationships that we built over the years?

Love is all about growing up and reaching a stage of self-elevation?

A child staying faraway from parents doesn’t mean love has diminished;

Feel the ‘Love’.


    • Me too! I am a child staying far away from the heart. But, I honestly believe that love should not be an impediment for our growth as human beings and happiness. Like for instance, I am planning to move out but mom will stay alone. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love mom and don’t wanna priorities or self growth clash with love and affection. Would love to hear ur views:)

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