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WOW!: Last cigarette and 1.40 a.m local

WOW! Last Cigarette and 1.40 a.m local

It was raining heavily that night. I was waiting for the last local at 1.40 a.m at the dark station, faraway from the city. Outside, the road wore a deserted look and not a soul could be seen. I stood on platform no. 1 and the railway master told me that the train would be running late. I saw a kid doing a somersault on the platform and bursting into a laugh riot.

I craved for a smoke but didn’t dare to venture outside in the heavy rain that must have urged the pan shop selling cigarettes till  the morning to close the shutters of his tiny and dingy shop. I opened my green bag and my hand stumbled upon the white packet and a match box. I almost shrieked, “Fuck! I still have cigarette and a match box.” I took the wet cigarette packet and match box. Miracle! The only cigarette stick that was left survived the assault of the rain that didn’t spare my bag that was crushed like paper. The match box is totally cramped and humid.

I took a chance and tried to lit my cigarette but the stick broke down. Two match sticks were left and I hear the last local approaching the platform as I threw the match box away and dashed my way to jump on the platform. The train is slowly chugging its away outside the station and I ran towards it. The train rattles its way away from the station and disappeared in the dark. Fuck! I missed the train. I gotta wind my time at the station. It was the last local.

Fazed, I walked out of the station and eyed the match box lying in the mud. A tall shadow approached me and said, ‘You need a light?’ I looked up and saw that it was an army officer  who lit his cigarette and as I put mine in the mouth. He lit my cigarette. We smiled as he tendered his hand, ‘Captain Subedar. What are you doing here at this time? I told him that I missed the train. He urged me to jump in his jeep and offered to drop me home. As we drove in the rain, Captain Subedar said, ‘You know, we are the unsung heroes in the army. Whenever calamity struck, we risk our lives to save thee country, be it heavy rains, tsunami or terrorist attacks. We are praised for one day but forgotten for the rest of our lives.’ He tells that he enjoys coming to the station at night to hear the train siren.

He tells me, “Today is Martyr Day. The Government has decided to remember our sacrifice for the country. One can only hope that our sacrifice will not go in vain.” I nods at him with a sad smile, not knowing what to say. Captain Subedar stops his jeep, “We have reached your destination and it’s nice meeting you.” He offers me a cigarette from his pack and which he lit in a gentlemanly fashion from his match box and said, “I always keep a match box to lit cigarette and not a lighter. A last one for the road so that we remember our meeting. Always remember your army friend.” I thank him and got out of the jeep. Captain Subedar waved to me and drove away.

I am participating in the blog adda prompt, ‘WOW! Write Over the Weekend’. I am also linking my post to Martyr Day which is observed on Sunday to remember the sacrifice made by the Jawans who have been martyr and who risk their lives so that we can sleep well at night. This is a work of fiction and hope you enjoy.I choose to write on cigarette and match box.

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30 thoughts on “WOW!: Last cigarette and 1.40 a.m local

      1. I was married at the time and my ex and I decided to quit on the same day using patches and soft mints. I was the only one of the two of us who managed to stay quit. I did try one about six months later, but it ripped my chest apart.

      2. Oh! That’s a feat yaa..You need to be determined to say NO, I guess. Oh! Ripping ur chest and guess, the body is immune to smoke. That’s awesome, man:)

      3. YEah, it doesn’t stop me from me wanting one now and again though, even eight years later. The cravings go within seconds though

  1. Nice story! Cigarettes are quite addictive (and expensive) – hope you are able to quit one day. (I always hoped my parents would quit, but I’ve pretty much given up on that. )

    1. Hey Anita! I know, there are parallel from Ek Chaalis ki last local and caught the last train quite a few!! just in time, though it reminds me of the Abhay-Neha Dhupia flick:)
      Thanks a ton for being kind, Anita:) M on cloud 9::)

    1. Thanks, Priya and I am trying to..not easy, I tell, to kick the butt. Enjoyed reading ur take. I mean, they are martyr for a day which is sad and surely, our unsung heroes remain like this when we see their sacrifice for the country.

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