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Mumbai Musing (5): Dadar, Double Decker bus and blind date

Yay!!!! SYBA exams was over. I was thumping my chest and jumping with joy. What’s life without dollops of excitement? Next stop is quite naturally Mumbai city, my dream land and gonna chill for few days in Maximum City. The best thing bout’ visiting Mumbai is no plans, no place to stay and just the thrill of adventure made my heart jump agog with excitement. I took the bus at 7 p.m at Jungli Maharaj Road and reached Maximum City at around 11.30.

It was plain humid. I was sweating heavily as I got down at Andheri, the nearest stop, to Chitrapatti Shivaji Terminus (CST) International Airport. I lit a cigarette and hailed a cab towards the airport since I gotta meet someone. I checked the arrival and there was still time. I grilled few cigarettes and sipping tea. It was almost 1 a.m and Mumbai is still alive with passenger swarming their way out of the airport. I met the person and we took the car to the local airport as he was supposed to fly to Assam. I collected my stuffs from him and hanged around at the airport. Hanging around the modest airport, I gulped tea after tea since the night was far from over for me.

Finally, at 5 a.m, I took a rick to Santacruz station and boarded the 6 a.m local to Churchgate. It was early morning and I am feeling sleepy. My only priority is to find a place to sleep. I checked few hotels at Colaba as I held a huge back on my back but the places were not within budget. My shoulder was hurting profusely and walked in the scorching sun. Finally, I checked in a cyber cafe at Colaba and time to check the net at 8 a.m. I asked the guy that I am looking for a place to stay and he asked the attended to take me to a hotel near the causeway. We climbed the stairs and am pinning my hope for respite. The hotel rate came as a shocker and I couldn’t get luckier than that. 100 bucks per day and we are in 2005. Now, who get a cheap room in such a posh locality in SoBo.

Image courtesy:@Dadar/Google India
Image courtesy:@Dadar/Google India

It’s a dingy room with space enough to sleep and put the luggage, but, cute room. I slept during the day and woke up in the afternoon. I saw several miss calls from Adi who joined me, along with his, then, girl friend. We met at Leopold over beer and hanged out there till 10 p.m. We met the next day at Nariman Point and walked all the way towards Fort University. It was the first time I traveled by the double decker bus and Adi urged me to sit in the front to get a magnificent view of the busy and maddening road in the city. It was, indeed, a beautiful and amazing sight. After traveling for more than an hour, we got down at Dadar where he was supposed to introduce me to one of his best pals, A for a kinda blind date. We chatted and spoke on the phone for almost three months, getting to know each other. We met at a small hotel and Adi was teasing me, speak, speak to her. Finally, Adi and girl friend left us alone and we walked to Barista at Dadar where you starting chatting with each other, attempting to break the ice. Finally, we parted saying bye to each other, promising to meet next time.

best bus

It’s another story that we never met. But, it’s one kinda experience in amchi mumbai, double decker bus, blind date, hanging with your best friend and local trains that makes cherished memories in the city.

Mumbai is a city that does things to you! Once you get there, you become so addicted since it’s a city that has  a beautiful and vibrant soul. You can take a break but can never leave the city forever. Mumbai is a muse for millions and even if you stay faraway from the city, it haunts you and drags you along.

Love you, Mumbai




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12 thoughts on “Mumbai Musing (5): Dadar, Double Decker bus and blind date

  1. once again a nice post. Mumbai has fascinated many people around the world. i remember “shantaram” by gregory david roberts. the novel is an account of love-affair with Mumbai..

    1. Mumbai is a fascinating city and u can’t get enough of the place. Love Shantaram and his vivid description of the city, be it Colaba or elsewhere. An exact description. Love the book. Thanks, Amol for your kind words:)

    1. Will try everything to come back to Mumbai and can’t live without the city coz it always haunts you. Mumbai is my prayer and the series is an ode. The city does things to you. An addition, indeed. Thanks, Eli:)

    1. Love the way u’ve put it and watch out for more. It’s a series where I am replaying the wonderful days in Mumbai and a self-motivation to push myself to be back in maximum city:)

    1. Yeah! I am always and it’s a city that I hated first time but started to love. The moment we hit, it became unconditional love, obsession kinda, We cling to each other as my muse call Mumbai constantly haunts me, telling, You gotta come back and can’t leave me. Fine, I also give you pain but what’s love without pain:)

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