Silence, pain and lonely battle

Bearing thy pain in the heart!

Why should thee tell the world of tribulations faced in the journey of life!

It’s my burden! I gotta carry the weight on my shoulders.

I am a seeker in the experimental journey laden with tribulations.

I shall not reach for others for I know it’s my battle.

Everyday, I strive to face the battle of live and dunno how many years it may take me.

At times, I feel like abandoning everything and drop dead.

I feel battered and defeated at life’s surprises.

But, I shall get up and keep moving at snail place to make my place under the sun.

I shall not vent out my feeling and asking for compassion.

It’s an emotional turmoil.

But, that’s my life.

I will not reach to you to ask for empathy and sympathy coz it’s my own fight to face the harsh reality.

It’s not your cross but mine that I shall carry to eternity.

You may ask if everything alright, I nod with a smile and keep moving.

It may be a mystery for you but not for me.

My heart only knows how much I can take within and have come to terms with reality.

I shall not fight against my circumstances but accept things the way they are.

It’s destiny. It’s my fate.

Yes! My dreams and aspirations can wait and they shall.

I shall not be a load on people,

a promise I made to the self.

I am relishing my silence,

a mute silence.

It’s fine.

Life sometimes deals a blow to us.

What matters is to be able to stand up with dignity and keep walking in silence.






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