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Gossiping Friday

Lol! I always hit on the wrong note. Am I Lol?! Not really! It happens to be Friday as I end up typing cluelessly on the lap top of a post seeing the daylight. Feeling lame! Of course, I am!!! Mayhem strikes! It’s just that I don’t know what I am upto, right now for this post. Life Sahi Hai Tension Vension nahin hai! Not quite so! Guess! One goes cuckoo in the name of stress! One just get used to like choco cake smeared all over the face. The right question is and should be: What am I doing right now? Okie! It should be phrased like that, how I adorn my day..oops Friday.

1. I am super excited about the new upcoming website where I shall be writing as a freelancer. The head is one super cool chick, a chip off the block, zanny and jazzy. It’s super awesome working with her and we will feature young Indian achievers. Dull days are over. Going featurish is new for me as a writing style and time to pull the socks to get into the groove. Elated at the new challenge and, in no time, I shall get back my mojo.

2. I got yet another rom-com to review on IndiReads and I am feeling a mad rush of reviewing e-books. After the review of Done With Men that was well received, looking forward to this one. Speaking of e-books, I used to abhor them all coz I am a self-confessed fan of print copies but, slowly but surely, getting the hang. So watch this space for more.

3. I am super excited at the prospect of doing two big features and it’s super big that will only add zing and exposure to my profile. The interviews are big stuffs and can’t wait to work and hone them. The joy of being a freelancer, I guess! And, interviews are the stuffs that gives me my mojo and the most favorite thing to do. For the records, I have some 50 to 60 interviews in two years and, in one single year, I have 30 interviews to my credit.

4.It’s Friday! I’ve been pretty lame and guess, gotta focus more and put some order in my life, wake up lil bit early and 11 a.m is not helping since half day is almost over.  I need to up my game and work my way. Been thinking of a time table to work stuffs like reading, blogging and writing stuffs.

5. I am forever hooked to NDTV and my latest passion been the Lok Sabha election where Chai Pe Charcha, Chai Stop, new alliances, survey been on mind, forever and ever. It’s the most important election in India’s history and keen to know if my forecast comes true, no party will get the majority.

6. Tomorrow, like a good boy gonna attend my yoga class after skipping for two weeks and will follow like a good student. I am a lazy bum and! and!! I love passing the buck on sleep that never lets me wake up on time. Ha! Ha! Boy! I am also planning to read 2 States again coz of the film and finally, finding Alia Bhatt cute.

I know! This post going nowhere! Gosh! Why do I come up with such crap just for the sake of blogging?

Have a lovely week end




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

8 thoughts on “Gossiping Friday

    1. Hi welcome Jemima. Haha!! I mean, it’s a senseless post I wrote out of sheer boredom. Nopes! I am not part of A to Z since I feel I may not do justice to the challenge and to myself. Welcome here:)

  1. In your somnolent way,you have given us a glimpse of many exciting things you are planning..You have a lot on your hands.I liked the easy manner you shared the information .

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