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Book Review: Done with Men is refreshing, crisp and wacky

Book Review Done With Men by Shuchi Singh Kalra

Genre: Chick lit/Rom-com

Publisher: Indirom novella by IndiReads

Stars: Three and a half

Author Suchi Singh Kalra
Author Shuchi Singh Kalra

Write Tribe is hosting the book review, ‘Done With Men’ by Shuchi Singh Kalra and I came across the free book through our dear friend, Shilpa Garg ( who directed me to IndiReads where I downloaded the PDF version for free. IndiReads latest offering is a  beautiful rose that springs in the beautiful garden where exquisite flowers, unique in appeal and freshness, bloom. Being a self confessed and ardent fan of rom-com, Done with Men is something I was looking forward to read and I was not disappointed.

My Verdict: Light reading, fresh in appeal, crisp and fun writing. Author Shuchi Singh Kalra should be credited for making the characters and situations in the novel believable. She has a way with words that keeps the reader glued and the imaginary world, through the sheer quality of her writing, makes the notion of romance exciting and thrilling experience. One can’t help but feel that we are living the life of the main characters in the setting.  She perfectly describes the notion of romance in a quirky tale where the main character is easy-going and lambasting men in a funny way after a string of disastrous relationship and harmless sex-capades. Don’t we all go through relationship shits and vent it out?

Kudos for coming up with a simple plot, beautifully woven and coupled with romance, love, friendship and, of course, a neurotic heart. What you need is a beautiful and carefree heart to enjoy the novel. Everything ends on a good note like a good movie. I give her three and a half stars for churning out a likeable plot in the form of  ‘Done With Men.’


Kairavi Krishna (Kay) is an enthusiastic travel journo with a famous travel mag in Mumbai who is assigned the new year coverage story in Goa. Like people her age, she is done with men after a string of relationship fuck ups (read assholes, mama’s boy, obsessed bf, Don Juan and what’s not? The one who run away with her money) and not to mention casual sex on the pristine and sinful beach in Mauritius. She get set with bestie Baani to Goa, not without a promise to stay away from the dreaded M for Men.

Image downloaded from
Image downloaded from

What Goa does to her on New Year eve is for you to find out? How she lands in hospital after the vodka dose, ex boy friend angle and she is saved in time before she indulges in a lesbian encounter to hit back at someone, looming in the blue water in Goa. She frequents a hospital where she meets the uber charming Dr Vivian D’Mello which she learns to hate. Will she finally find love in the young doc or he’ll turn to be one among them. That’s for you to find out and not for me, to tell you. Haha!!


What makes the book stand out is the cleverly etched plot and narrative. What makes a narrative super duper fun is the intelligently churned out  dialogues that make you laugh your heart out. Done With Men can be your story and the best thing that the narrative speaks the language of the heart.Once you identify with the audience, half the battle is won. I broke into splinters of laughter and the dialogues are an absolute killer. It made my day as a reader and visualized Goa through the eyes of Kay. Her Goa! Her encounters in a life that is so often unpredictable. Now, who wouldn’t want to live such an unpredictable adventure, full of  fun?

The tongue-in-cheek and wacky dialogues remains the forte of this chick lit outing that perfectly fits the premise of the book. One will revel in stuffs like, ‘Drugged out putterfish…..I wasn’t a stuttering bimbo like I made myself….I’m not harmful at all.’ I mean, it’s completely crazy and insane but it’s something the young generation or for that matter, anyone with a young mind, will identify with. Kalra speaks the language of love in an effortless manner and witty is thy word to describe her writing that flows in a refreshing and endearing way.

Done With Men is filmy and mushy stuff that we love to read and I’m not committing a sacrilege or cinematic offense to say that shez a bit like the Imtiaz Ali of our movies. No! I haven’t gone mad or putterfishy, neither I’m on drugs. Don’t believe me!! Check out the mad stuffs ‘I was not in love with the idea of being in love..and every time, it was my lofty idea of love that let me down’ or the reference to Jeniffer Paige Song, ‘Am I a sucker for love?’ That’s the best thing bout’ rom-com and chick-lit literature..we are all suckers for rom-com love. The author also scripted sex encounter in a competently bold way and this is one of the reason that makes the novella stand out in its own genre among the crowd.

Minuses! Any takers?

Come on! I hate drawing attention on loopholes in a book I love reading. I mean, no novel can be perfect? Well! It works!!! May be the scripting of Kalra’s fall in the start happens too swiftly that it gives readers little time to capture the whole thing. Ahem! Ahem!! Why does the moronic boyfriend needs to make a come back time and again. Finally! Yea! I have an issue with that. the end happens too fast and quite simplistic with the jealousy angle that never was..made the mad Kay quite paranoid.

Done With Men by Shuchi Singh Kalra is a must read and is refreshingly beautiful in its novel take on love, romance and all that matters. It feels very poetic to enjoy the book and it’s something one would find even more endearing on a print copy rather than PDF. Aha! Thanks Write Tribe! Thanks Shilpa Garg! Many thanks  IndiReads and Shuchi Singh Kalra for this one. It can only make hopeless romantics like me looking for love and making it so believable in our search for the big L-Word. Yeah! I am a man and absolutely gushes over chick-lit and rom-com. It’s my genre and love it! Totally! It’s my plate. What you waiting for? Go and Grab a copy.

In response to Write Tribe entry for the book review, ‘Done With Men’ by Shuchi Singh Kalra and for the love of rom-coms/chick lit, I’ve gone cuckoo and mad at midnight. So, linking my review for the book on




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18 thoughts on “Book Review: Done with Men is refreshing, crisp and wacky

  1. I found, Done with Men a delightful read. Am glad that you enjoyed reading it too, Vishal. I liked the Thought Bubble the most! And yes, there isnt a single dull moment in this book!
    A nicely done review!

    1. Thanks a ton, Shilpa. Oh! I’ve forgotten the Thought Bubble. How can I, yaa? It calls for update then and I tried the review in line with WT pointer. Thanks and it’s tough to find a dull moment.

  2. Chic lits are fun.. I enjoy most of them. Thanks for such a comprehensive review Vishal. Should be downloaded now 🙂

  3. Hi Vishal,
    I have been reading a lot of reviews about DWM but by far your review is far superior than any of the others.
    It made me want to read the novella again.
    Excellent writing and what great expression. Thanks for letting me know how to write and amazing review; I take away a lot of pointers.
    Thanks and looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

    1. That’s not true, Inderpreet. I mean, I tried in line with tips for Book Review on WT and it worked. Thanks for contributing a bit to sustain the interest in the novella. Thanks for the lovely words. But check out Write Tribe book review and there are fab reviews done by bloggers. I am on a learning curve and looking to learn a lot from the fab bloggers.

  4. that was a long one. I could not find so much to review for chick-lit books.. maybe not my niche.. 🙂 true, its a very light good read though…
    never knew men could also love chick lit ones… you are my first!!! 😀

  5. I think it’s great that you read chic-lit (and aren’t afraid to admit it!) I don’t like picking out loopholes in stories, either. Probably good I don’t write reviews then 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jannat. I’m apologetic of the fact that I pick rom-com and chick lits. They are great read and we should get rid of stereotypes, hez a guy and how he can like chick lits. For matter of fact, I do enjoy good erotic romance, though, I hate 50 shades of grey coz it was sick and pervert. Btw, Ive read Mills n Boons;)

  6. Vishal – just wanted to drop you a message to thank you for this and the other reviews. Young publishers like Indireads depend on the support of reviewers and bloggers like you to get the word about our books out to prospective readers, and to help us assess how we are doing. Your support is appreciated.

    1. Thanks a ton Indireads and trust me, such a pleasure to review the books by you. I enjoyed all the books and it’s an honor reviewing the amazing talents which Indireads has given a voice to:)

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