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In the name of God, ‘Baba’ visits

A tale of Baba-isms and self claimed Gurus showering blessings through prayers as well as the gentle stroke of their miraculous hands that have healing powers. Speak about palm reading, peeping through the lines of the hand that shows conspiracy, black magic, jealousy and harm. I’m sure the religiously faint-hearted souls would have collapsed at the new age Nostradamus who are out to kick some ass and make fortune at the altar of morally as well as religiously vulnerable people.

It’s quite a story to tell that happened yesterday afternoon when somebody knocked the door and lil’ did we know that we will have an affair with self-claimed sadhu-cum-religious quack claiming that ‘Bhagwan’, read ‘Shree Hanuman’ has sent him to our place, telling, ‘Help them, they need your help.’ I dunno what went inside Mom’s head to usher the guy in the hall. He spoke to me and was reading my palm as he spoke in Suddh Hindi. Our man who claims to be from Haridwar-he might be-started in Hindi, ‘Whatever you are trying to in life is not reaching the desired end.’ I listen and he went on and on by writing something in a paper chit like kids during exams which he passed to me. I was told to hold the paper chit inside the palm of my hand.

I already knew that he was some ‘Pakhandi Baba’ and played along with him!!!! What he told me did shock me in the start and later realized how amusing it was. He started drawing numbers on paper, obviously the handi work of amateurs as he came up with figures..he told me to choose few numbers, not to mention favorite colors.




I choose a  number and after which, he draw some imaginary alphabet to give me..saying ki this person is a big support for me and will prove to be lucky to my well-being. Our self-claimed Baba gave me the alphabet S which he claims to be someone in the family who perform prayers and will benefit mylife. It’s true Mom’s name start from S and is a big devotee of Gods and Godesses who has been bailing me from time-to-time. But, our Baba took a name out of the blue and no credit to the holy man for that.

What will follow is an epic tale of attempted loot and I wonder how many innocent guys forked out money to give to those kinda people. He claimed that Lord Hanuman just showed him our abode of peace coz  someone in the family wants to harm me and took along chappal, clothes and hair locks, all mine, to perform something in the cemetery to invoke the dead. A perfect script for a chilling Mommy Returns and Paranormal 5 or 6, I tell you. By now, I was convinced that this man is a swindler. I was whispering to Mom with words like swindler, con man and all. She gave me a slack jawed kinda look.

The guy made me recite some Hanuman Mantra, something like, ‘O! Lord Hanuman..remove evil..n I will pay 3,100 rupees to ward off evil;.” All hell broke loose at that time and, quite surprisingly, I didn’t sprang on my feet to show him the way. I was very composed and mom intervened in Hindi, “Itne paise kahan se laenga aur hum logon ke paas nahin hai! (Where on earth we will bring so much money and we don’t have). Our kinda good samaritan tried to negotiate his fees and asked for something below that. Finally, Mom went inside and gave him 50 bucks to get rid of the charlatan or trickster, whatever name suits him.

We wondered how many good souls in the world are taken for a ride as they believe every crap rehearsed and uttered  in the name of religion and Gods by the self-claimed spiritual Gurus. As they say, in the name of religion and what people don’t do by invoking the name of God!!!! Move over Bhagwan ke naam pe paisa do (Give us alms for the sake of God) and there are other innovative ways to do so. Ask the tricksters and wonder how the e-Gurus would perform their tricks.


PS: This is not a piece of fiction and we consider ourselves lucky to host the uninvited  visitor  yesterday afternoon. No need to take a holy dip at the Ganges, you see! All the details written are not the figment of imagination and have been scripted in the real. The characters bears an uncanny ressemblance to people, who are alive, and hanging on this planet.


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

25 thoughts on “In the name of God, ‘Baba’ visits

  1. That line ( Whatever you are trying to in life is not reaching the desired end.’ ) reminded me of ” An astrologer’s day” by R.K. Narayan

  2. In India , religion and babas never go out of demand. Despite advancement in technology , these self-styled gurus make their appearance to con even educated people.

    1. Yeah! Kalpana! In a way, I find it amusing coz I’ve seen scholars being taken for a ride and temper flaring when I took up the case of those so-called Baba. But, this guy was amusing, you he brought up the bhoot kinda stuff that some1 took streak of ma hair n clothes…lol

    1. Yeah! I swear, Sid!! The religious charlatan was so funny with the classic dialogues. Hope we find a way to get rid of them but am amazed how educated people believe in them. I know of a friend who forked out 10,000+ so that a Pandit find him a bride. Could you believe it? The man is highly educated.

  3. these people have an instinctive understanding of their probable victims. I dont believe in such powers… there was a time when i read palmistry and loved showing my palms to everyone who claimed that he or she knew it and did not asked for money ofcourse, they are all rubbish!

  4. there is one pure explanation which the devotees of these babas dont understand- if they had power to see future, and if they had power to alter them, they would have been sitting in parliament or palaces, enjoying the best from life.

    1. Exactly! India would have won all cricket matches and there was no need to vote. Sadly, there are too many blind followers taken for a ride in the name of God!!!!

  5. It will take some time to uproot such kind of beliefs from our society. Hopefully generation next will be the one who will believe in the power of clarity. Nice post

    1. Me too! I hope so and it happened exactly like that on Monday. I agree with you that it will take ages and I’ve seen educated people believing in such things. Fingers crossed! I really hope that gen next take things forward in a practical way:)

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