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FOW-Int’l Women Day 2014-She is not Weak


Finally! I made it on the final and last day for the Write Tribe Festival of Words. Today, we celebrate International Women Day and wish all women in the world a great year. We only wish that women assert themselves as human beings to inspire change so that they are treated as equal in society. It’s your right, ladies. I am coming up with a fiction and, I am sure it is the story of many women within the confines of the wall we call home. The idea is to provoke for change in our patriarchal society. Yes! Equality is human right and not a distant dream. Looking forward to your honest feedback on FOW 3-Int’l Women Day 2014


She is not Weak

He is a suave and successful businessman whose name is regularly cited in business magazines as a model, success story and inspiration for thousands. He regularly appears on TV channels during International Women Day as a panelist where he makes a strong point and urging men to treat their wives as equal as well as pleading for a fair and just society where women should be respected. He is held in awe as a man taking on patriarchal society, representing the voice of the young generation and new wave of thinking.

She sacrificed her career for him and sits at home cooking food, entertaining guests during the lavish parties thrown at home. Behind her smile, lies a sad woman whose soul bears his torture and physical assault. They never consumed a marriage of equality. Every night, she readies herself for the marital rape where he thrust himself forcefully on her, biting her neck and slapping her. After all, what can she do? She is helpless. One night, he burnt her hand, leg and back with his cigarette butt and laughed  like a sadist. He would take his keep and parade them in front her as she would make tea for them, post his stormy nights. She cursed her fate and wondered, ‘This is the man I choose to marry. After all, what can I do?’ I am raped everyday, my soul tortured  as I bear his brunt every night. I am a woman and perhaps, that is my fate.’

One night, he dragged her on the bed and forced himself on her. When she tried to resist, he threw a glass of whisky on her face, slapped her and bit her nipple. He threw her on the bed as she was pleading with him to let her off. He tore her clothes and raped her. She moaned but was suffering silently. That night, she prayed to God. But, an inner voice tormented her and that night, she decided that he will not play with her soul again. She will not give him the pleasure of violating her soul. ‘Enough was enough’, She calmly told herself. He is not going to possess her body again. After all, tomorrow is his big day.

It was 9 p.m and the cocktail has just started. It was the International Women Day and the Government has decided to honor his relentless fight for woman equality and to honor him with the Best Corporate Manager Award. The event was the biggest in town and aired on TV as high profile dignitaries, politicians and business attended massively. His name was announced on stage. He smiled and walked in his new Armani Black suit to receive his award from the Chief Minister of Maharashtra on the dais. As the chief Minister got up to felicitate him, there was a brouhaha in the hall. The TV crew, journalists and camera moved away from the grand event to focus on a shadow walking inside the hall.

It was her. She walked naked inside the hall and paraded her body in front of the guests and journalists to show the bruises all over her body. It was breaking news and aired live on TV. She took her revenge on him.



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27 thoughts on “FOW-Int’l Women Day 2014-She is not Weak

  1. My God, Vishal, that was some story. Marital rape is certainly on the rise and it is imperative that the women who are victimized get justice.
    Off topic: I am not a huge Women’s Day supporter though I admit some of the discount deals were terrific. 😀

    1. I dunno whether I should say thanks but there was no better way to portray the plights of many women in society. hehe! lol! discounts makes people crazy and agree, one doesn’t need Women Day to respect women. It’s a question of education and mindset:)

    1. hey! Kikbee! She is not weak and if she wants to, she can put sense in many of us but shouldn’t tolerate. There are various way to seek revenge and choose the twist to high on revolution that can change the world by going to the extreme. For example, one event that I liked in the past was ‘SLUT WALK.’ It’s symbolic:)

  2. this piece has made me dumb.. I cant react but can see the horrifying visual that the story took me through. A heartfelt tribute to the silent victims of teh world ,you have voiced their sadness and agony.. very poignant article.

    1. In fact, I know the visual is quite horrifying, Soumya. But, I couldn’t find any other way to put stress on violence faced by women in so-class educated family. I wouldn’t say thanks but feel the message has been passed through such lovely words of yours. Keep the faith and have a good day, Soumya:)

    1. hehe! She decided to show the world his true colors in the grittiest manner. The aim of the story is to provoke people into thinking how to make our society a better place to live.

  3. that surely was an horrifying truth said in the most nudest way,very well written though what amazes me more is hearing it through a male perspective.very well portrayed.thanks for the respect and emotions towards womanhood.hope its not superficial.

    1. Thanks. The moment I become superficial, I cease to exist as a person and shall stop writing blogs or raising awareness on problems faced by women in the selfish, patriarchal society. The aim of the post is to shock people on horrifying tales we keeping hearing and it exist in richest families.

    1. It’s the hard hitting reality in many family and the Tehelka saga is an example. I mean, mine is all figment of imagination and the aim was to provoke people to THINK, THINK and THINK.

  4. What a horrific story Vishal. Marital rape is a reality for so many. Glad your story ended with her making a stand. Sadly many women don’t have the courage to do that.

    1. I know, Suzy. I painted a gory picture because I wanted people, in particular, women to react and not accept harm and humiliation. We have our dignity as human beings and nobody has the right to accept injury on their soul. As you said, I fail to comprehend how many women refer to it as their fate and refuse to take a stand. Sad but true!!!

  5. Thank uu Vishal, for choosing this topic..!!
    I am so glad that I finally did come and read this post! I am oh-so-many-weeks-late and still catching up.. but this post was amazing.
    It’s strange that very few men touch upon the topic of marital rape and you expressed it in the right way, and the ending was exactly how it should have been.

    She took the best revenge she could.

    I am linking your post to mine. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words that can only motivate to hone my writing skills. Truth should be told to the patriarchal society.Feel free to link ur post. U made my day:)

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