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Festival of Words 3-Day 5-Inspiration

When Write Tribe came up with inspiring stories for the Festival of Words-Day 5, it got me thinking what to write about. I mean, what can inspiration be all about? It struck my mind that inspiration can be a small act of kindness, a gesture that can re-kindle the goodness in us and waves of flash back come to my mind when way back in 2006 a friend saved me from sleeping inside the college katta or the railway station. Let’s go back to 2006.


Pune, 2006

I was waiting for my final year result and, at that time, I was moving to Mumbai to pursue my post grads. I was waiting for results and was whining away my remaining times in the city. I kept my luggage at a friend’s place and stayed at a few friends’ houses. Unfortunately, the house owner of one of ma friend came to know that I was staying there and it was brought to the notice that I should not stay there anymore.

It was raining heavily that day. I was short on cash and had barely 100 bucks in my pocket. For some reason or the other, my parents couldn’t arrange for my monthly pocket money and I was told that I’ll get the cash only on Monday. It was a Friday and the rain has started pouring heavily. I was completely drenched and wondering where to stay put with 100 bucks. Obviously, no hotel gonna take me with money barely enough for dinner and had to do by guzzling down the throat filter coffee which cost 9 rupees at that time. I was sitting in my favorite college hang out.

I wore a worried look on the face and decided to spend the night either inside the college katta or at Pune Railway Station. I had no choice. I met a few friends who asked me what’s the matter and didn’t tell coz I am a person who do not believe in shifting my burden on people. It was 7 p.m and had 10 bucks in my pocket. I managed to borrow few cigarettes from acquaintances. As I was getting reading to check for a place to sleep, I saw a rickshaw approaching the hotel and one of my best pals got down. K’s hand was plastered and asked him what happened. He told me that he fell off the bike one night and was drunk. He sensed my discomfort and asked what happened. I shrugged aside his concern and he chided me, telling that something is wrong. K ask me to trust him and I told him the story. He chided me, “Are you mad or what? Sleeping on the street. What have you become?” He dragged me along to a place where he bought me some whisky and, at that time, a quarter barely costed 80 rupees. He called a hotel near Pune station and told the guy, ‘My friend is coming for one night and don’t charge him too much. I will pay for it.” He gave me some 500 bucks and was sent there to sleep. In a matter of few days, my financial woes was sorted out.

For me, this is inspiration. As a very good buddy, K knew that something was wrong with me and bailed me out of the catch-22 situation. For me, this is inspiration. Inspiration to be kind and humbly, to do something for someone. It’s been eight years from now and the imaged flashes in front of me as if it happened just yesterday.

I thank Write Tribe Festival of Words 3-Day 5- Inspiration for giving me the opportunity to reveal it to fellow tribers and blogers.

With Love



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16 thoughts on “Festival of Words 3-Day 5-Inspiration

  1. What a story Vishal! 🙂
    Your friend bailed you out at the right time! 🙂
    How inspiring! 🙂 this is how friendship should be

      1. I am really glad that he did. btw, i missed that fantastic quote you have added with the story, loved it- it is so magical to be someone’s inspiration, i would love to be… if it is for his/her betterment 🙂

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