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Festival of Words 3-Day 4-Book Review ‘The Unsent Life’

Who says a Novella cannot be called a novel? After all a story is a story and what sets it apart is the ability to capture the imagination and emotions of the readers that makes it a journey worth taking. Well etched characters, crisp narration and identifying with the language expressed by the author makes the journey a meaningful one.

When Write Tribe came up with the wonderful idea of book review for its Write Tribe Festival of Words 3 – Day 4 – Book Review, I thought why not write on a book of ma fella triber. Have you taken a guess? I choose to write on Unsent Life by Richa Singh of Philosopher’s Stone. Why Richa’s novella? The reason is simple: The book, beautifully written, by Richa has touched my heart and I couldn’t react after reading. I was rendered speechless and the beautiful characters etched by Richa stayed with me for days that I was thinking about them in my sleep.


What it’s all about?

The Unsent Life is the story of Ramya who lands in Mumbai and find herself thrown in the world of Malaika, which become a sort of obsession for her existence and keep haunting her everyday. Ramya works in the big bad world of Suhash in the grim, unexplored reality and yet, dark side of Mumbai. As the story draws to an end, Ramya discovers the innocent but mature three-year-old Ayesha who was suffering the same fate as Malaika. Ramya took upon herself to save Ayesha and doesn’t want her to suffer the same fate as Malika. Will Ramya be able to save Ayesha? Just  drop in at You will get your answer!


Many of us know Richa Singh as the compelling blogger who writes at Philosopher’s Stone. For those who have not yet read her e-book/novella. you are in for a surprise. Richa plays with the heart and The Unsent Life is not only beautifully narrated but touches the heart at every moment. Crisp narration and compelling read. This is how I describe The Unsent Life. The book will touch your heart and haunt your existence as a person. There is another world beyond our existence which we are oblivious to. The Unsent Life takes us to this lane, largely unexplored in life where fiction meets reality.

My Experience:

As a reader, it is essential that a book or a story touches my heart to become a small master piece or a stroke of genius The Unsent Life does that to me and shook me off, pushing me to explore the theme of love, deceit, lust and what’s not. Richa Singh is a gifted writer who has a genius touch that melt the heart and her book will push us to think about the meaning of life. Make no mistake it’s not a philosophical book or a story about lust but the writing is embedded with such beauty that we will be rendered speechless.

My Verdict:

A total of four stars for the book touched the heart through its crisp narrative and emotional dose that will leave no soul, capable of loving, unmoved. My only complaint: I would love the book to be longer with a lil bit of drama and perhaps, more interaction between Ramya and Ayesha. But, it’s the creative call of Richa that matters. Never mind, The Unsent Story is rare gem in contrast with the junks that flood the market.

Happy Reading


PS: I am trailing in this edition’s of Festival of Words and trying to run against time since I am busy in the new project which is a first for me. So, bear with me since I am also running late with comments on your posts. Shall make amends very soon. Thanks for your comprehension.


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20 thoughts on “Festival of Words 3-Day 4-Book Review ‘The Unsent Life’

      1. i will, if i start enjoying reading on computer screen for hours, i have count of montecristo in my hard disk, for last two years… a book i have been eagerly waiting to read but i guess i just like the paperbooks when it comes to hours of reading…

      2. I love Monte Cristo in paper back..lovely book. It’s a huge effort to read on computer, trust me. But, give my paper books any day and no kindle or e-book can beat that:)

  1. hmm.. i know writetribe contains authors, but sadly all the ebooks are lying unopened on my desktop… starting from the anthology book.. phew.. one at a time.. 😀 but the theme for this doesn’t seem to my taste…

    1. You know! I am making a huge effort to read e-book and started with some lovely novellas from our write tribers. Plus, the biggest challenge is Donger’s Hindu coz Penguin is on a burning streak and will not be able to get it:)

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