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WTFW-3-Day 2-Blog Love

Time to show some free love on few of the blogs I love reading and who are not part of the write tribe club. Hope, you will soon be motivated to be part of the wonderful family called and be part of the various challenges. Today is Day 2 at Write Tribe Festival of Words 3 where I show some love to blogs who are outside the tribe. Give them some love. Where? Just scroll down.

Show some blog love today! :)

1. Tazein

Tazein blogs at and she has conferred on me several awards that adorn my shelf. Now, it’s a selfish way to nominate somebody who keeps giving me award..just joking. But, what I like with Tazein is her unflinching belief in humanity and spreading her love despite going through lots of hardship in life. I am amazed how Tazein spreads joy and happiness through her blog.

2. Pepper

Well! I dunno her name since she choose to be known as and I’ve followed her at the time when I was on a high in life  and she’s been one of the firsts whose blog I love reading. I simply love how Pepper speaks about small things that affect her life and of course, her city which happens to be my favorite city. Been following her since 2011 and guess, going for three years now to read her work of art about life and everything.

3. Alastair

My dear friend who lives in United Kingdom  regularly posts inspiring quotes and is an amazing photographer. AL who blogs at is an amazingly talented photographer and love the delightful pictures that he constantly puts on his blog. I wanna all of you guys and gals to check his blog to enjoy the inspiring quotes and, of course, photographs.

4. Sharmistha Basu

Sharmistha is another avid blogger who believes in the beauty of friendship and who writes inspiring stories, beautiful poems on her blog. We have connected so well and have an instant chemistry with each other despite knowing each other for a year or so on the online sphere. Yeah, we disagree with each other at times but that’s what I call a beautiful and evolving relationship. Visit her at

5. Zinal Bhadra

We’ve been friend for less than a year now and she is someone with whom I can be myself online on our gchat, the time we ping each other. I so wanna her to take part in the write tribe festival and hope she listens to me. Zinal!!! Are you listening? Sometimes back, she was my guest blogger as she wrote on her city, Mumbai and she can be found on

6. Sneha Bhat blogs at Rendez Vous and is one blogger I love immensely. We’ve been friends since 2011 and it seems we are going for strength to strength as our online friendship hit its third year. She is one amazing blogger whose stuffs I love reading and Rendez Vous is indeed Rendez Vous for me.

7. Aditi Mittal

I call Aditi my super cute friend and she can be located at if she is not working or exploring the world, the passionate traveler that she is. A fan of chocolate! Is she one or not? You gotta ask her and make sure you bribe her with mithai so that she can join the write tribers.

With Love



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

28 thoughts on “WTFW-3-Day 2-Blog Love

  1. Thank you so much Vishal. 🙂 I appreciate that, and I will go and look in the others that I am not currently following 🙂

    1. For sure AL and you fully deserve being featured. Do check out the festival at and do register. For sure, there are many who would love to read you and enjoy your stuffs:)

      1. Thank you. I am very low on time this week – although I am scraping some back – so I will try to get there 🙂

  2. Thank you Vishal, Honestly Writetribe needs too much of punctuality and time and dedication. I am not sure how dedicated I would be to it, hence not taking the plunge

    1. Now! Write tribers! Listen! What Zinal been telling us and time for us to convince u, Zinal.btw,we have our 100 words on Saturday and Wednesday prompt. Perhaps, you can give a try:)

  3. so many at one stretch.. bookmarking this for later.. I love personal blogs, and my feedly already is full of unread posts.. let this FOW finish off… 😀

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