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Sexing up Lok Sabha battle the nude way

Baand Baaja Baarat..It’s the Great Wedding Season or Big Fat Indian Wedding, at least, impending, this chunao (election) season. The wedding promise to be a zeitgeist and stakes are high as we wriggle in a battle of sort as two wanna be or claim-to-be super models clamor for the eligible bachelors of Indian politics. Apna Arvind Kejriwal must be fuming and kicking himself in the ass for resigning on Valentine Day. See the effect, Meghna Patel is ready to strip naked only for NaMo and, if you think, no damsel for Rahul Baby, well think again!!!!

The icing on the cake is someone by the name of Tanisha Singh is giving a fitting reply to those who are clamoring that our Shehzaade (Prince) of Indian Politics is boring and there is no gal for him. Our Tanisha Singh stripped for Rahul and who says, apna Congress Boy is no match for Narendra Modi!! I’m sure the Congress Boy and not Congress House, will rake the moolah this election season. Okay!! Okay!!!! It’s election time and we are willing to play strip poker.



One would have imagined Kejru saying, ‘Those who doesn’t have a girl friend can’t be expected to help the Junta have girl friends and, indeed, the former CM resignation has proved himself wrong. Go and eat your words, Kejru. You have opened the gate for the great fight between Meghna Patel vs Tanisha Singh in defense of love,opps! stripping naked and revealing, dropping everything in the time of election. Who says Rahul and NaMo can’t sing in private, ‘Choli ke Peeche kya hai, ChunarNi ke Neeche.”

Nobody can and should ever underestimate our Rahul Baba that he cannot do anything!! At least, he can have a sneak peak when the model in question is Tanisha Singh. It’s the election season..baand baaja baarat, you see and the big fight between Tanisha Singh and Meghna Patel. The one who strips..oops shed everything fast will take the pie..I mean, the man of the moment. See! Too much is at stake na, sawaal PM’s post and who is ready to to cover everything in the heat of electoral campaign. Dim hopes and dreams, no matter unfulfilled, to become the first lady or at least, the PM’s muse. Arre Baba! Berlusconi must be fuming and cursing his luck for not being born in India. at least, some glam shot, grabbing the err..spotlight baby, you naughty creatures, what were you thinking, errr?! At least, someone would have stripped for Berlusconi and, that too, free of cost. At least, limelight ka sawaal hai.

tanisha singh

The damsels in distress, ever ready, to shed all inhibitions for a post nuptial ‘suhaag raat’ (honeymoon) in the time of election will surely bat for their love in the storm of the electoral battle. The Lok Sabha stake is heating up with Miss Patel and Missy Missy Singh engaging in a cat fight battle with each other and throwing the stilletos at each other’s face. After all, sawaal hai, Kaun Banega (i) Lok Sabha or PM-in-Waiting’s muse. Now, dare anyone call anyone of our PM potential candidates as Napunsak (impotent), the ladies will battle it out to challenge anyone to utter this word again. Who has the ball to be Napunsak when so much stripping is doing the rounds?

In this campaign troll, let’s hand over the glamorous quotient, oops, nude kinda oomph factor to Meghna Patel and Tanisha Singh to fight it out for their respective knights in shining armor. Our politics is not less worth in terms of grandeur scale and money bag of the Great Indian Fat Wedding and high time, to print the expensive cards with the naked faces of Meghna Patel and Tanisha Singh. The brand ambassador of shedding everything, Poonam Pandey, must be fuming for being left behind. For sure, it’s not the cricket final but the national election is not less in terms of appeal. Poonam babe, you may just choose a face from Indian politics to drop clothes and sharam..Kejru Baba is waiting near the corner.





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6 thoughts on “Sexing up Lok Sabha battle the nude way

  1. why do most unworthy people pretent that they love purest things in world?

    Now, a **** lying on a bed of lotus was the last thing I wanted to see, but, courtsey to a bengali newspaper, after seeing fillam stars dressing up as Mother Goddess Durga I no longer feel aghast, so lotus is but God’s medium of worship, if Gods and Goddesses can be painted in colours of human lust then….

    1. We live in a hypocrite society and refuse to see the reality. Speak of living in a bubble and any means are good for some to grab the limelight. Now, watch for it as the electoral battle reaches a high, more will come out of the darkness to get in the limelight spot. And, we thought fashion, celebs and elections are not inter related..haha:)

      1. Yeah! Exactly I wonder! You have one who keep fun of secular people and goofing up the history. The other one is clueless bout what Young India wants. I wonder!

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