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Wednesday Prompt: The Key to Heaven

Hey folks, I am participating in The Wednesday Prompt 2014 #8 based on the photo prompt on Hope you like my take on the picture prompt.



The Key to Heaven


It poured all over the city that evening. I was completely drenched in the heavy monsoon as I drive my modest scooter on my way home. As I reached the juncture, the bike reached a dead end. I looked around and there was no one on the deserted street. I couldn’t see the sight of a petrol pump and had no choice but walk along with the bike. My only worry was to reach home and change my wet clothes. My brand new Levis Jeans and white T-Shirt were rough and sticky which hurt my skin and I could barely move my legs.

I tried to ignite the bike for one last and to my delight, the machine magically roared and without losing a second, I pressed the start button and drove my way home, riding in the pool of mud and water. Nothing shall stop me to reach my destination and the idea was to keep the bike running. Finally, I  reached the gate and parked the bike. I took my bag and entered the lift. I expressed relief to finally enter the comfort of the house to change my clothes, get a warm shower and treat myself with a good cup of tea.

As I scampered towards the door, I looked inside the jeans pocket to remove the house key but it couldn’t be found. I hit the panic button and pulled out the wet handkerchief, handset and wallet. I slid my hands inside the jeans pocket again but there was no sign of the house key. I opened the bag and flung everything on the floor, secretly wishing that I will find the house key. There was no sign. I thought, there was no way I could have lost the house key. I pressed the lift button and hurried to the parking space to check in the bike. I nearly collapsed on the parking ground and sat for a while on the bike. ‘Somebody, please kill,’ I told myself. I walked upstairs towards the flat. I thought whether I should break the door. I had no choice.

I was pulling the door frantically but there was no sign of the door breaking up. The next door aunty opened her door and told, “Young people like you are so careless. Why can’t you remember where you dropped your house key. She berated me, “See, how drenched you are and threw the house key on my face.” I expressed relief and almost jumped with joy, ‘That’s my key, aunty.” She laughed, “Right, son. Why don’t u remember you dropped the key from your pocket when you entered the lift? I was standing near the door when I saw the key and wanted to teach you a lesson. Now, make sure you always remember your key.” I smiled and said, ‘Thank you, aunty.” I gently opened the door and jumped my way inside the living room.




Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

30 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt: The Key to Heaven

    1. hehe! It’s not me but a figment of imagination. There are well meaning aunties like that. But, there have been instance where I left key inside the house and door was locked. The perks of staying with a flatmate and roomies:)

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