Love, emotions and friendship

New friendships made over harmless and lovely chat online;

We gel well online, despite we never met each other in life;

The hearts and thoughts gel so well that one cannot stop feeling we know each other for ages;

Life is all about celebration and friendship is a matter of the heart;

It’s been a beautiful day as one is caught in a heart felt chat with strangers who become friends in a matter of conversation.

Friends, conversation and life;

What we need is a beautiful heart to understand feelings, emotions and bond of friendship.





15 thoughts on “Love, emotions and friendship

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  2. It’s true. There are so many of you whom I have never met and yet, I am witness to your everyday life, your sorrow, your joy and your success. And so are you of mine. Cute post.

    • Thanks Poornima. That’s what life is all about and adore my online friends where we get to know so much about each other, share our griefs, sorrows, dreams and battles of life:)

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