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Sunday Brunch

Yam!! Yam!! Yam!!!! Yap!!! Yap!!! Yap!!!! I am not suffering from dementia coz I know it’s Monday, unlike the title of the post, ‘Sunday Brunch’ making you believe that I am travelling back in time by one day. Let’s be more specific a la Arnab Goswani! After long, I enjoyed a  whole-hearted Sunday brunch over yummy Idli Sambhar and Masala Dosa at a friend’s place surrounded by the sea..saat samundar par, I was tempted to sing. We were meeting after a very long time and bonded over some good whisky, Idli and, of course, the Dosa. Did I tell you that South Indian dish have been my favorite since college days in Pune? Blame it on the fact that I was forever hanging at my favorite resto which no longer exist and which was serving amazing and yummy South Indian food. I’ve been gorging on Idlis and Masala Dosa for years during the college days.. Imagine my joy when I saw that I was going to be served my favorite dish from the South after ages. I beamed like a small baby with excitement written all over my face.

We were ex-office colleagues who became friends in no time and Sunday Brunch was spent with their respective husbands who are also friends now. Bonding over hot meal surrounded by the humid but serene, soothing atmosphere and laughing over the days spent in an office that one would call the second home where we were busy running round, pulling our socks together to ensure that the stories filed by reporters and given the zany cut by sub-editors goes out in print. Ya! The talks centered on the office that was and the boss who would quizz us on everything taking place on the editing table to make it right the next time.

We were sitting in a lovely bungalow, chatting bout’ movies, life and what’s not! Yeah, the sea that surrounded the area made us sweat profusely, I guess, coz of the humidity bringing heat. May be, not so much for the couple who made the serene place their home. But, it was good fun bonding with friends at the Sunday Brunch as we celebrated friendship and a lovely reunion. Yeah! We do meet from time-to-time, perhaps not often, but when we do, it’s good fun and bonding. What better way to bond on a Sunday afternoon to chat about almost anything to everything.

And! Well surrounded I was. The one year old darling and doting son of our friend, Shruti made the brunch, an affair to remember as he picked the book with his tiny finger to show us the visual image of Cinderella. The baby steps that Agastya took as he walked slowly at the snail pace infuses the belief in us that we were babies once and re-kindle the age of innocence in all of us. I bet! Yeah! Babies do cute things without the fear of being judged and I totally love it. Time to be babies again. What say, folks?

Sunday Brunch was called since Sheetal is expected a baby and the couple will soon welcome a new family member in their midst to make their life a joyful experience. It was a brunch totally worth on a lazy Sunday where I woke up at 10 a.m. Yeah, you heard it right? I woke up at 10 a.m to be among friends. Did I tell you I did something that all singles should do? Read somewhere on spending a weekend with married couples my age, well I didn’t spent a weekend but a day and it was good fun to be among two married couples. What did I learn? I dunno! Yeah, it was good fun and fulfilled one of the points in the bucket list. Check it out

With Love




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23 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

  1. It sounds like a great time! Maybe it’s because I’m past the ‘baby’ stage, or maybe it’s just because I’m getting old, but I think the best part about visiting those with babies is that they go home with parents and I don’t have to be the one to care for them 🙂

  2. I am at the crossroads of my life, where i have gotten used to my friends getting married and now its the next step, yes your right – Friends are transforming into parents. It’s like yesterday I am a student enjoying life, carefree etc … it just reminds me of how time flies, “flies” is an understatement, time just zooms past us !

    1. I swear! I wonder at time that flies where I was a care free student enjoying life, fooling around with friends, coffee house and it feels like it was just yesterday. So many of ma friends tied the knots and have kids, including my juniors. Still, I’m not ready for marriage:)

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