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‘Two Today’ package on Write Tribe 55+100-ers

Woohoo! Write Tribe call it ‘Two Today’ and I call it 2 in 1 package. I am participating in two prompts, 55 on Friday 2014-2 and 100 Words on Saturday 2014-7. Hope you enjoy both prompts rolled into one post for the unique ‘Two Today.’

55 on Friday 2014-2


How I Wished

How I wished life would be a smooth sailing and roller coaster ride?

How I wish the world would not crash down?

How I wish Love would not be unrequited?

How I wish I could know the ways of the world?

How I wish I would not be the idealistic rebel in this ruthless world?

100 Words on Saturday 2014-7


S/He’s the lucky one

She read the love letter, “I’ve been madly in love with you since the first time I saw you in college.  I love you. I am waiting for you near the tea stall, your secret lover.” She run past the college gate and saw him standing. She screamed teary eyed and hugged him, “I didn’t know, you love me so much. I love you, too.” He’s the lucky one.  He waited for her since the morning in the scorching sun but couldn’t see her shadow. Dejected, he walked away, without realizing somebody else snatched his love.



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

56 thoughts on “‘Two Today’ package on Write Tribe 55+100-ers

  1. H realised that his love is snatched away rt ….. maybe u should remove the without in this sentence – Dejected, he walked away, without realizing somebody else snatched his love.

    1. Hey, Soumya! Thanks for commenting and welcome here. I enjoy reading your blog. Of course! He did but she came late in my imaginative world and a random guy in class swept her off the feet:)

    1. Thanks a ton, Sharmi:) I second u, disagreements and heartbreak, no matter how painful, make us relish success when it comes. I love romanticizing pain, often deriving pleasure in them:)

  2. On the first one: on the surface, it would seem to be a blessing if things were always easy… but the fact they aren’t makes us appreciate the good even more!

    What a sad ending to the second one! I had to laugh at the comment about putting names on the note – great idea 🙂

    1. You so right, Jannat. If there were no defeats in life, we would not cherish the awesome moments and take life for granted. For the second one, he was the victim of mistaken identity. Had I put names, the story would never exist:)

    1. Thanks a ton. I, too, hope that dreams unfurl and become true. Thanks for the second one. Sometimes, one should tell the one we like and the story was imagined inside my college in Pune where so many crushed unfurl itself.

    1. hehe!!! If it was not realistic, no story. My stories are the Rohit Shetty types of ma own creative world. completely crazy and I am dying to see ma name on the shelf of Indian authors at Landmark and Crossword. Read non-sensical rom coms. That’s my plate:)

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