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Building a nest under sun

Carving to build a nest under the sun and the shadow of the huge tree trunk,

I see several young birds, resting their feathers.

Am I too late? I sadly ask.

My feathers are ruffled and battered by squabble in the sky.

I flew too high, may be.

My wings were clipped yet I flung in the air.

I struggled to reach for the sky but was brought down.

I am tired yet refuse to be bogged down by the small, upsetting defeat.

I am a bird. I only know how to fly and soar in the sky.

Yet, there are new and more beautiful birds, fired with zest and energy.

Is my time out?

I wonder!

Only time will tell.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

8 thoughts on “Building a nest under sun

  1. you are never late. you know, i often think if my horoscopes are wrong and I am cursed to live after my fifties I will get married 🙂

    my demands from my spouse are minimum, and a fifty year old man, if he makes too much fuss about his wife he should be spanked silly, not married 🙂

      1. I am not, 🙂 may be if i live to be a hundred i will enjoy fifty years of married life 🙂

        I know only one thing, we should never give up on good things 🙂 – there are people like me who prefer ripe fruits better than half ripe ones, even guavas 🙂

        Is not it bindaas, for you, that at first you live a life to your full, in full freedom, and then when you are actually looking for a companion to settle down with you look for someone who shares your vibes and get married. 🙂

        Unless ofcourse cupid spoils your plans and you fall in love….

        think about Rahul Gandhi and Salman Khan- have you ever heard them complaining about single- both of them are absolutely happy about their single status! lift your spirits!

      2. I couldn’t agree more on being single. I am single and happy being one. Being single is a choice and love my freedom. I will only marry when I feel like and love the Salman Khan reference, the guy is very comfortable being himself:) So true, I believe that we should never give up on life..haha! Love it!! Ripe fruits! Though fruits are fruits and sometimes, halfripes taste awesome, Sharmi:)

      3. i love well ripe fruits, the sweeter, more ripe they are … 🙂

        i believe that anyone should marry only if s/he is finally ready to give up the rest of his/her life to one mate …

        i loved salman’s reasonings in the koffee with karan, its quite intriguing, i never imagined he is so witty and funny 🙂

        pleasant surprises are always fun.

      4. Haha! Salman is very witty and fun to watch. Yeah, the more ripe the better as we wanna have more. I couldn’t agree more! One should marry when he or she is willing to give up everything for that one person and when one is ready:)

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