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Wednesday Prompt 2014-7: H/She Was Too Late

Wednesday Prompt; 2014-7

The Wednesday Prompt 2014-7 is hosted on, ‘H/She was Too late.’ I choose to participate by churning out my favorite genre, a love story’ and look forward to positive feedback, brickbats and, of course, bouquets.


Have a great weekend, fellow tribers

With Love


Today’s Prompt:

H/She was Too Late:

Ankita waited for him to say YES. Kabir just needed to pluck up the courage and tell her, “I have told them. Let’s go and get married. I am not willing to sacrifice my love for them, no matter how much they mean to me.” She already left her parents house and traveled to a new city so that they can start a new life. She was waiting for his answer. Kabir was unsure, how to break the news to his traditional parents. He was scared of them, knowing that they will make a drama since she belongs to a different caste. Finally, he told them. His parents made a drama at home and told him, ‘We brought you up with so much love and  you have decided to marry this Dalit girl. Now, we mean nothing to you. But, bear in mind, should you choose to leave the threshold of this house, forget that we are your parents and we will consider that we never had a son. We always thought that you who will look after us.”  He couldn’t muster the courage to leave them to be with the love of his life. He decided to sacrifice his love in the name of tradition.

Ankita waited  for days, months and years for Kabir. One day, she met the charming pilot, Arjun in the Kingfisher flight and he proposed to her. “What about your lover?’, Kabir asked. She told him, “I cannot wait forever for this man to decide. I don’t want to take decisions in life by closing my eyes.” They exchanged the sacred marriage vows.

Five Years later

Ankita was waiting at the school to pick up her daughter. The apple of her eyes, Diya, run towards her and pointed her tiny finger to Kabir who was walking towards them. He smiled at Ankita, “My parents died, Ankita, and I looked for you everywhere. Your friends told that you left India for Dubai. I didn’t know that you were back until I saw you in the morning, dropping the cute girl to school.” I waited here and spoke to Diya who told me you are her mother. I didn’t know you were married. You never told me and choose to cut all communications with me.”

Ankita looked straight into his eyes, “I couldn’t wait for you, forever. Your life centered around your caste obsessed parents and if you were happy that way, so be it.”

He tried to protest. Ankita said, “I told Arjun when he proposed to me, ‘He was too late‘, ” before walking away.

Kabir watched her shadow looming away from him.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

36 thoughts on “Wednesday Prompt 2014-7: H/She Was Too Late

  1. It’s tragic when societal discrimination comes in the way of true love. That and expectations from the parents. Well captured, Vishal!

    1. Thanks, Shailaja. I am happy u liked the work, which is certainly, not one of my best. It pains me a lot when people are discriminated on account of social, caste and race prejudices.

      1. Haan! It’s sad. I mean, there are also parents on one hand and dreams, on the other. But, everything calls for a sacrifice, I guess. Sometimes, we gotta stay away from parents to chase our life. What say?

      2. Umm… well quite a dilemma!! I don’t think I am the right person to advice you on this… but one thing that i do whenever in dilemma is to toss a coin, not because it help me choose, but because it lets me know what my heart wants when the coin is up in the air!

        But its a silly trick to base the decision as big as yours!

  2. Vishal , reading this story based on caste hierarchical discrimination , I am reminded of a real life story of someone in my family who did not sacrifice his love for his parents and society but went ahead and married her (of a different religion) but as the scars of time healed , he asked his mom to interact with his bride. Reluctantly , she agreed to find the DIL a gem of a person. and now they are a happy united family with more additions.
    I wish all real life stories have such an end or rather beginnings.

    1. It’s really sad how caste and stupid craps like ‘Gothra’ govern our lives. Like the family Pandit keep reminding me that I am a Kashyap, as if I! I mean, such things shouldn’t be part of our lives. Wow! That such a heartrending tale of love and I mean, why should I sacrifice love? What about individuality and see how DIL and MIL celebrated their differences:) Me too! Sometimes, I also feel ki even when kids leave home to pursue their career, that doesn’t mean they don’t love their parents. After all, we need to grow as human beings, na?

    1. Is it kya? Vishality woah that’s something, a new term coined!! Criticism most welcomed and do temme what u feel missing? yeah, plan toh yehi hai to relocate in DXB and lukin for some people to help me out:) Lemme kno! Thanks.

  3. lovely story. but they both should have given the others the reasons for staying away, going away…I prefer closures- honesty in relationships like love, I dont blame anyone, neither kabir nor Ankita. Some relationships are just not meant to be!

    Hope kabir will move on and have someone to fill up his heart and life.

    1. hehe! It’s plain fiction and a good relationship is based on honesty and trust. Yeah, I hate it when we have to make a choice and feel, we are entitled to happiness in life. The rest doesn’t matter. I know it very well, Some relationships are just not meant to be! So true:)

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