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NaMo Ki pristine Jawani in Meghna Patel’s style

Move over Chai Pe Charcha! The political scene is heating up fast as India faces its 16th Lok Sabha Election this year and, if you think, Munni, Sheila or Chikni Chameli will soon be out of job and unemployed, think again!!!! It’s NaMo ki Jawani! What are the odds? Munching on Dhokla specially made in Gujarat from flab to abs, flab to fabs and braving the heat to campaign for India’s best man for PM job. Now, dunno if Dhokla specially made in Ahmedabab makes one win election as the old body becomes young to fight for the ultimate Premier seat. Ahem! Ahem! Our ‘Priye’ Narendra Damodhar Modi must be feeling young, physically, at his new Jawani. He must be smiling and strutting a new tone, ‘I am young, hot and super sexy.’


Wanna take a bet! Hey! Have you forgotten about our Miss Cannes, Malika Sherawat who labelled NaMo as the eligible bachelor who is all for grab this ‘Mango’ season? NaMo Budday Gift wrapped with dollops of hotness! How can you forget, sillies? Miss M sang an ode to Modi-ji, Happy budday Modi-ji, Happy budday to the most eligible bachelor in town! Miss Malika, the Haryana bomb shell crooning and swaying her heart to the land of Gujarat. How can you suffer from Dementia? If that was not enough, last heard someone, somewhere from Chandrakanta, of the Patel fame, Meghna Patel, is reading to drop everything, err, read, strip naked for the man of the moment, Modi-ji. Tauba! Tauba! Kya Zamana aa gaya!! So much hotness for the PM seat!!!! Bed of lotus and holding Modi-ji’s poster close to her naked body..baap re! Must be a swan song, no?!

Too close for comfort, Modi-ji! See! What an election can do for Mango-la like us? We’ve heard bout free daaru (cheap liquor), cash freebies during election and now Miss Patel is stripping for us if we vote Modi-ji to power. Lotsa things at stake for us, Indians. Remember, we belong to the land of Sutra! Poonam sutra! Malika sutra and now, Meghna Patel ya MePa Sutra! MePa for NaMo! Time to move over our bikini babe and cricket team, Poonam Pandey who choose to strip for Indian National Team. In the name of development, I tell you, Meghna Patel is stripping. I wonder what the likes of Rahul Baba, Arnab Goswami and BJP/RSS brigade must be thinking at the newly acquired Jawani of Modi-ji. By the way, why no model is stripping for Rahul Baba? Why Feku is taking the pie, I wonder!

Sansani Khabar! Aaj Ka breaking news! Last heard, BJP and the RSS brigade are calling an urgent post-coital meeting, oops, Lok Sabha election ka National Executive Meeting to decide that ahead of the Lok Sabha Polls, Malika Sherawat and Meghna Patel will sit high on the lotus symbol of the BJP. It will be decided that Meghna Patel will add glamour to the tourism campaign by accompanying Big B in a bid to attract phoren males in Gujarat. Our Meghna Patel will play Big B’s sidekick in a new Sholay version directed by wacky Ram Gopal Verma. RGV will come out of the hiding in the new Sholay, re-named, ‘Shola Jo Bhadke’, time for Lok Sabha election. Malika will accompany Modi-ji in all the campaign trails, oops, chai aur Malika aur Meghna Patel pe charcha. The ladies will provide entertainment to the crowd during chai pe charcha. The RSS will slightly alter its ideology and will spread love, distribute red roses with a picture of their new brand ambassador Meghna Patel with a ‘Vote for Modi’, the new bachelor in town. You see! Modi ki Jawani will be sold as a brand all over the country as the new poster boy showcasing his muscle, renewed vigor and as the new toy for young woman’.

But, there was more drama to it at the time BJP/RSSS has appointed the likes of Meghna Patel and Malika Sher-awat as brand ambassadors for the Lok Sabha election. Last heard, MPs in Uttar Pradesh are competing with Meghna Patel, ever ready to strip for Modi-ji, face of development, have chucked out everything in parliament. They wanna show their mettle, opps, six pack abs, for a Lok Sabha election ticket telling Miss Patel, “We are also jawan and see our renewed vigor.” MPs badnaam hui darling tere liye! Guess what!!!! All the items girls have decided to shut shop as Play Boy are hunting for our MPs ever ready to strip. The makers of ‘Devas/Devis’ serials have already made up their mind how to run successful shows on TV and Sherlyn Chopra, Meghna Patel, Poonam Pandey and Malika Sherawat have been roped to play fully clad devis showering blessing on devotees. From Bomb shells to Devi shells. Who says Kalyug will be a matter of the past in the wake of Lok Sabha election? Remember Deepika in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan..Tauba! Tauba! Not Padukone, baby! Chikhalia. Don’t believe me? Ask ”Sanskari’ Alok Nath.




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16 thoughts on “NaMo Ki pristine Jawani in Meghna Patel’s style

  1. It’s quite sad isn’t it actually? The situation here I mean. I suppose at the end of the day, votes matter – how you get it doesnt 🙂 Great take on the recent…ehm…happenings on the Indian political scene. Maybe I should run for PM ?

    1. They made it in some kind of fest over NaMo with celebrity hungry for 2 minutes jumping in. I bet real issues will be forgotten over polarization of politics and kind of celebrities jumping from one political platform to another, drawing the crowd and being paid massively. haha! You should add spice by standing for supreme post with wacky posts as an answer to Kumar Vishwas. what say?!

    1. Ya! In fact, I just found out and cursing my stars for making the post come early. Thanks, Amrit. Watch out for a battle between Meghna patel vs Tanisha Singh next week:) Welcome here.

    1. No!! It’s in their advantage and they will change their philosophy for NaMo. Btw, someone called Tanisha Singh has stripped for Rahul. Thanks a lot for the comments, Sir and it means a lot:)

  2. Perhaps Mallika’s memory is shorter than her clothes. NaMo is not an eligible bachelor . Why doesn’t Mrs. Estranged Mo doesn’t clarify Mallika?
    U have given them free publicity.

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