When Super Bhai rescues damsel in distress

Have you met the motion picture unplugged in your life? If you haven’t, let’s sit for some harmless fun and laugh at the expense of the emasculated hero, straight from the movies reel of the 70s. He’s full of Masala and despo is thy name. Like someone funnily described, “Live Movie Chal Raha Hai (The movie is live.” For starters, it’s not me since I have not taken upon myself to save the world, oops, girls by teaching them one thing or two about ‘How To Be Smart In A Big City’ . Let’s call him ‘Matrix reborn as  Super Bhai, pun intended, in the city called Mumbai. His mission: Save the girls from worry and offer them an abode of peace by screwing their minds.

Meet the heroine..oops!!! Miss Maggie, my dear friend in real life and the imagined female character in the full-on kinda live movie scripted by our ek dum Bakwas (ridiculous) hero who claim to be the man on whose shoulder every girl should cry. ‘Super Bhai’ provides solace by scanning profiles of chicks hunting for houses on his  computer.  Our girl has put an ad on an Indian website looking for a roomie, read girl, to share a place to live. Our hero comes to the rescue of the girl, ‘the soon-to-be-heroine’ in his scripted picture of hero saves damsel in distress, by offering to share a flat with her. Our super hero claims that he has been staying in maximum city for years now and he has learned all the tricks in the book. He gonna teach the girl how to be smart to survive in the city surrounded by Arabian Sea.

Our hero scripted the climax with drama unfolding as they gonna pretend to be a married couple and stay together for survival. The movie has its twists and turns  as Super Bhai will fake papers as a married couple.  See, our hero is daring and Krrish would be a pale comparison to Super Bhai imagination.

I couldn’t help laughing at our hero’s despo attempt to make a girl stay with him under a fake marriage in this 70s and 80s a la sauce ‘Bollywood’ flick. Guess! There shall not be many takers for this flop movie, except, Mumbai Police.

The story was told to me on G Chat by my friend and we laughed over this weird request for sharing a flat in Mumbai. What a story! Yash Raj Films would be too happy to make a sequel to Bunty aur Babli.



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