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How was the blog born?

Suzy nicely asked us to explain the name of our blog, a personal space that we all love and cherish, on her blog hop. I love Kajal Kapur take on Rainbow Hues and the reason of her being on the blogging space. Let me rant on the The Writers’ Post Blog Hop 2014 – # 4 on

Honestly, my blog has no history as such and the name of the blog is essentially my name and identity. So,’ what’s in a name?,’one is tempted to ask. Well! The blog was created way back in 2007 after Dad passed away and I came back home to perform his last rites. I was undertaking MA Part 1 in Economics at the University of Mumbai, at that time. How was the blog, ‘Vishal Bheeroo-Scripting the Story of Life’  born?

For that, you need to know a lil’ bit of history bout’ myself. Our family is settled out of India but, it’s also true, that I spent the most important, bestest and memorable part of my life in cities like Mumbai and Pune. Hence, despite not being in India right now, the blog makes noise on everything Indian..blame it on my strong Indian blood and where I truly belong. Let’s jump straight to my blog story. I’ve been pestering the husband of my Raakhi sister, who is from Assam, and who is a computer geek and website expert, to start a web page for me. I needed something that will gave shape to my identity as a human being. Honestly speaking, I heard about blogs but had no idea what it’s all about. It took the brother-in-law five minutes to get me registered on He asked, ‘Have you thought about the name?’ It got me thinking for a while but we decided to go along with my name. I was damn happy of having something where I can rant and write.

I remember the first post was about the city I was, currently, staying, Mumbai, a city that fascinated me and which I could call my own. I have a love story with Mumbai, the city that never sleeps and with which I can identity with, call my own. I love the people in Mumbai, the ‘spirit of Mumbai’ and it’s vibrant soul. Thus, the first post was written on August 11 and follow the link. But, the blog was born on July 13, 2007. My Mumbai post had it’s first comment and it was a former class mate who wrote few nice words. I was officially a blogger.

I was yet to learn the ropes of blogging and there were very few posts on the blog. Initially, I started writing for myself and I’ve done it for five years, not bothering about hits and stats. It’s only last year that I commented on people’s blogs and many of you are now my good friends. I have learned so much from you and received lotsa of love in return. Blogging taught me that the world is, indeed, one small place and we are citizens of the world. Now! It’s getting boring, isn’t it? The blog is an extension of one’s personality and it has carved my identity as a person, my likes and dislikes, things that I love and I often express my anger on the personal space. I am a very angry person inside and it is shown through the mediocre poems that I jot:)

I have always been a person whose energy and thoughts are bottled up and suppressed inside. The blog has given me a place to express not just myself but show the ‘real me’ who is filled with anger. Rebel I am! Angry I am! I am angry at the unfair society, the people that don’t want me to grow in life and who scorn when I have a different but extreme perspective. I am a non-conformist and hit back at the unfair society, devoid of inequality, in which we live. What is important for me is to carve my own identity in a mad society where everything is controlled. I am being very candid!! It makes me angry, very furious when I don’t get my due and dealt with in an unfair manner. I need to get things out of my head and hit back, not out of jealousy, but at the way society functions. I don’t want to be a prisoner in a monopoly of thoughts popularized by the ugly patriarchy-cum-capitalist society. I want to grow as a human being and for me, being happy and true to myself, matters most than anything. Why just me? Everybody should grow in an equal manner and conforming to norms means accepting things like they are which I cannot tolerate. I hate being bullied by the so-called norms of society. That’s me. You will often see the angry me expressed on the blog through my genuine emotions. It’s the real ME.

I, later added, to the blog’s name, scripting the story of life, which represents my life and identity as a person. It makes me a rebel for sure and I have always rejected social norms. I never had it easy in life and have always been the dark horse whom everybody love to ignore and never gave a chance in life. You will see that part of my personality in the blog  posts. At times, I get every worked up, but, that’s life, I guess. So get ready, to see more of the rebel and angry me on the blog. The emotions are no longer bottled up and is released every now and then.

Thanks Suzy for the amazing prompt:)



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

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      1. does it takes some time? i did it, but it kept showing even after two hours, i went to bed at eleven, in morning when i checked they were gone.

        how long does facebook takes to remove them from list? wordpress does it instantly, so do other sites like hotmail etc… two hours is quite a long time or someone else is handling the account?

      2. Nopes! It doesn’t and when you block the, they can’t see you but yeah, FB sometime show them. It takes a while but it shouldn’t be like that. Perhaps, you should refresh your profile:)

  1. Vishal, A blog gives us a voice and many ears. It gives us friends from all walks of life. It also gives us hope that with so many positive voices, the ears will listen. Good luck to you and Be happy.

    1. Thank u so much, Poornima:) I love the poetic way you summed up the amazing world of blogging. I am tempted to say it’s the ultimately truth of blogging and I’ve met so many wonderful souls, including you:)

  2. Nice to hear your blogging story! Blogging is a great way to connect with people 🙂 And by the way, I’d never have guessed the story behind your blog’s name! *just kidding* 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing your story and glad you linked it. So true that blogging has made the world smaller and allowed many to reach out across the miles. Glad to have come across your blog.

    1. A big thank you, Suzy for the prompt. It gave wings to my feathers of thought and blogging made us citizens of the world where we share our lives with each other. Oh! It’s an honor to read you and hugs. I can’t tell how happy I am to read your blog and the wise words:)

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