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Meet our new face of V Day, Kejriwal Uncle

This year’s Valentine Day has a fresh new face  and brand name that made the celebration a memory to cherish. No prize for guessing?! Or, are you still guessing? In case you are , well! a silly slap on your head. Our unique Valentine Day Face is our soon-t0-be-has-been Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal who choose V Day to resign and his haters to rejoice. I bet, the opponents of Kejriwal uncle are still celebrating with wine, flowers and choco cakes, gyrating to ‘Gandi Baat, Gandi Baat.’

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Move over Sheila, Munni or Chikni Chameli, our Kejriwal is the new original item girl dancing his way or tempting others to sway to his tune. One can imagine Kejriwal uncle dancing a la Farhan Akhtar to Haawan Karenge Haawan Karenge..oops sorry! uncle!! Dharna Karenge Dharna Karenge as his supporters swarmed the streets,  moving hips and dancing their way to heaven. The young and experienced political reporters fumed on V Day as their lovers, prospective dates and spouses were left biting their nails, longing for a sexual romp or lusty V Day evening as they spent their lonely evening fuming over Kejriwal uncle’s resignation, bracing the rains to park in front of the has-been CM house. Just imagine you were a political reporter dying to throw your computer away and dash home to make love. What you get in return? A spoil sport announcing his resignation on V Day..arre! He could have waited for V Day to get over and announce his resignation!,One can hear the reporters and journalists cribbing. I can empathize with them and curse Kejriwal uncle for screwing their V Day celebration.

Kejriwal Uncle, being who he is, woke up on V Day, charged like Eveready cell battery and decided to announce his resignation as Delhi’s CM. The man is cunning you see and was secretly nurturing the strategy, ‘There is Gandhi Jayanti, Rajiv Gandhi Vikas Yojna and from today, the Central Government will be compelled to rename Valentine Day as ‘Arvind Kejriwal Rashtriya Pyar Diwas Yojna.’ He must be trimming his moustache, adjusting the muffler and smiling. Now, folks, see how our Kejriwal Uncle is spreading love in the atmosphere. Love is in the air. Who says Valentine Day is all about shopping, traders’ fest and multiplexes kinda material love? It’s crazy, stupid love Kejriwal uncle’s way!!!!! He just sneaked in and stole thunder, oops, Valentine under the nose of love-struck couples and traders dying to cash on the celebration. Never under estimate the power of a former bureaucrat turned politician turned CM and again turned into a common man, you see.

Next year, our V Day poster boy, Arvind Uncle images will be splashed all over the windows of Archies, his V Day greeting card will be sold like hot pakodas in all shops across India with a personalized message and picture, ‘Arvind Uncle wish all lovers a very happy lovey dovey Valentine Day,’ not without a personalized poster and autograph as freebies. Last heard, Archies has already roped in Honey Singh to perform live and compose a new song on V Day, ‘All the lovers, don’t miss the chance and let’s do the Kejriwal dance, Thalaiva.’

Now that Kejriwal uncle is the new face of Valentine, we don’t need to fear the Saffron brigade wrecking havoc as our ‘common man’ will fight the extremists as we will celebrate love freely. Let’s dance and make merry as Kejriwal uncle, through a simple si master stroke, has taken glory away from the moral brigade, read the, RSS wala Saffron on V Day. Let’s celebrate Valentine the Kejriwal uncle’s way.

Till next Valentine Day, enjoy the Kejriwal song:)

Happy V Day




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20 thoughts on “Meet our new face of V Day, Kejriwal Uncle

  1. AK pulled out a AK-47 from his quiver to hit the bull’s eye. His stepping down proves (?) that he is not in love with the coveted chair. Ma Laxmi (donations) are pouring after his resignation.
    The halo of a martyr is brighter. What does he want now?

    1. Very well observed, kalpana. Our Kejriwal uncle pulled the trigger in a timely fashion from AAP to AK 47. For sure, he got other plans and MA Lakshmi is pouring her blessing on him. Guess, he is eyeing Race course from his modest dwelling. He is playing a big gamble and let’s see of the halo of martyr is brighter:)

  2. What a day to choose the exit!
    VDay needs more love than drama.
    Wish AK continued with his job & proved the opposition wrong rather than allowing them reason to sing & dance now!
    Valid points here, Vishal.

    1. Thanks Anita and welcome here. I am so glad that you enjoyed the satire. I feel Kejriwal should have continued in office since he has let the people who voted for him down. It’s a big political gamble and what matters is working in the interest of the people. V Day has been hijacked by Kejriwal:)

    1. That’s why! I feel he should have stayed at least for six months or till the election..worked his way to the top and after all, people trusted him and voted for change. Thanks, Sharmi:)

    1. Thanks Ruchira:) It’s a satire and I’m in for some good, entertaining fun but is no way demeaning to the man. Yeah! Credit goes to him for refusing the lal bati and mansion but I feel he should have stayed. But, let’s see the effect of the political gamble on AAP future and his PM’s ambition:)

  3. There are so many doubts and questions floating around in the mind about kejriwal. The fact that he actually resigned, and the fact that his resignation was so quickly accepted, makes you wonder how things actually play out in politics. what’s the big picture here? Is this just a clever move? Is he after all a Congressman? This election and re-elections happens with taxpayers money. In all honesty, politics in India has really surpassed my understanding. I am not really able to make an opinion about Kejriwal? Achcha aadmi hai ki nai hai, pata nai chal raha.

    1. Zinal! I was quite surprised by kejriwal’s moves and what he’s up to. As you have sharply observed, the guy must be up to something that we don’t know and I feel that it was the wrong timing since election bear a huge burden on the taxpayers who pay for the largesse of politicians, read, bribes and almost everything. Correct! Difficult to deduce what the man is up to and that’s why let’s laugh at his antics for the time being. The reason for this satire:0

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