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Book Review: Love Me in the End by Sonia Kundra Singh

Book Review: Love Me in the End is time pass read but full of cliche

Candy floss rom-com is flooding the Indian market and makes for quick read during our train journey and sitting in the coffee shop. Indian authors are churning rom-com that can be picked on the road stalls or bookshop, for that matter, where a love story coupled with drama are weaved. Author Sonia Kundra Singh comes with ‘Love Me in the End-Are perfect matches still made in heaven?’ Verdict: It’s a time pass read where boy meets girl in the most untoward situation,  learning to hate each other in the start and eventually fall in love. Make no mistake, there is nothing extraordinary in the novel and it tends to drag at some point where the situation tends to bore you. However, it is a fun read where everything leads to a happy ending.

Love Me in the End


Armaan and Ria find themselves in a marriage of convenience spearheaded by parents on both sides who are business partners. It is an arranged sort of marriage with rude and impulsive Ria while Armaan hates being tied to a girl he never met before. They fight each other despite the physically attraction. Finally, Armaan falls for Ria and it’s for you to know whether the latter is able to convince his lady love.

What’s On?

The character, Ria, is a rebel of sort who knows her mind exactly. Speak about the young but fierce, independent woman who finds herself in a catch-22 situation.  Well! Nothing new, you would be tempted to say. But, Ria’s character is well defined and Sonia Kundra Singh has painted a gutsy picture of the female character with whom many teenagers would identify with.  Love Me in the End is a fun read, something lapped by thousands in India and across the globe where they find themselves in a shitty world of grown-ups who think that everything can be imposed on young adults. As I said, the novel is time pass and destined for teenagers and young adults. It is a fun-filled novel and where adequate ground has been covered to describe conflicts between the young lovers. If you like candy floss romance, the novel is your thing.

What’s Not?

The novel gets dragged unnecessarily in repeated narratives which becomes dull at some point or the other. One feels stuck in conflicts taking place in the lives of the main protagonists who feel that the whole world are dead against them. At times, the plot is lost as the characters become totally clueless and the novel moves at snail pace. What makes matters worse is the introduction of two new characters, the ex-es of Armaan and Ria which are so ill-defined and cliche of sort. It doesn’t help the novel at all and fails to add to the fun element that makes a rom-com stand out. Moreover, Armaan and Ria split and are reunited in a situation that is the least interesting. Clearly, the author should have come up with a better situation leading to their split and reunion.

Final Remarks:

Despite the minus and a plot gone wrong, Love Me in the End is a time pass read that one could finish in a day or two. Grab the book only if you swear by rom-com and want to break away from the hum drum of your life. On the whole, I am giving the novel two and half stars for its half-baked plot. For sure, it has its fun moments, lust has been very well emphasized and, most importantly, targeted at the young generation.





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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Love Me in the End by Sonia Kundra Singh

  1. these stories are always good for times when you dont want to think, only have some fun. 🙂

    my favorites were Barbara Cartland romances, in Mills and Boons. These days movies are just enough for me. Love watching a good, sensible, romance that gives more importance to heart than body

    1. hehe! It’s a huge market and I love reading rom-com which is a pleasure read and light stuffs. Give me a rom-com any day but there are some books in this genre that are quite predictable.

  2. Hi vishal. Thx for the review. I will surely work on the things mentioned above. Do pick up my A SO LOVE STORY AND HOPELESSLY IN LOVE too.
    Loads of love
    Connect with me on fb if possible

    1. Thanks Sonia for visiting, appreciation the review and being so positive at the ‘not-so-flattering’ review. I know I’ve been harsh on ur work but as I said, there are so many good things about the novel. It’s rare to find authors whose works we criticize and take it sportingly. It such a big feeling and huge high to see author reading the review of his/her book and putting in appreciative words.

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