100 Words on Saturday: ‘Just Free Your Mind!’


I am participating in the prompt, ‘100 Words on Saturday 2014:6. The prompt for this week is: ‘Write a hundred words without thinking – just free your mind!’

‘Just Free Your Mind!’

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Image courtesy: Google

Image courtesy: Google

Quarter life or Mid Life crisis! Have you ever been in this phase and wonder where life is taking you?! The time to reflect on a sagging career and life that is driving you clueless and you are in a phase, hunting for jobs. In way, I am happy to be in this phase since it will push me towards the edge and reflect on my life. I mean, if everything was fine, I wouldn’t think of exploring my potential and nurture the urge to keep pushing the self towards gravity. As human beings, we have a tendency to be complacent.

-In a chat conversation with a friend on life and everything that matters.









  1. Aww.. another QLCed person here.. What you said is quite true about being in such a spot that makes us delve deeper in nurturing our abilities and talents and introspect about our choices and decisions.

    I wish you good luck, happiness and most importantly peace !🙂

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