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1Hundred Link: ‘Sweet Revenge’

Hi folks,

I am participating in the 1Hundred Linky ( where I churned a short story based on the compelling photo prompt. Hope you like the story and, make sure, you drop in some comments-good or bad:) Looking forward to constructive and healthy criticisms, read appreciation.




Mala wore a disheveled and tired look, dressed in dirty and ragged clothes as she lay asleep on the bench at the busy street in Malad. The city witnessed the pains of Mala whose destiny played an ugly turn to her. She was an ordinary beggar and homeless woman to the eyes of the busy crowd who walked past her  and they, often, cast a disdain look on the poor woman. Her only companion is her pet, Lucky, who keeps her company.

Very few people know that Mala is the classic story of riches to rag where she was pilfered of her wealth by her lover who is now a spiritual guru, revered by thousands in the Ashram. The Guru sits on pots of gold and treasure in his palatial ashram in the outskirt of the city. Mala was the only daughter of a very rich lawyer who perished in the terrorist attack at Dadar railway station. The city could narrate  the life of Mala who owned two bungalows in Dadar and traveled the city in chauffeur driven cars. The Guru, a young man Akash, entered Mala’s life by offering her a shoulder to cry. Soon, Akash was given the pin code of Mala’s bank account and power of attorney in the name of love. Slowly, her crores were transferred in a foreign bank account and her wealth was passed under the name of Akash.

When Mala came to know of the treachery, it was too late. She fought against all odds and filed a court case which she lost. There was no evidence that the wealth belonged to Mala and she realized that her fate was sealed. She survived on morsels offered by the sympathetic chai wallah. Lucky would come and sit near to the teary eyed Mala who shared her food with the dog. They became friends as Mala shared her grief with Lucky. They couldn’t understand each other’s language but bonded over love. Mala decided that she will make her life worth living.

One winter, Mumbai was shocked when news arrived that the famous Guru was found dead in his Ashram and biscuit gold were discovered in his Ashram. The Guru devotees’ feel betrayed for blindly trusting the man they thought was the messenger of God. Nobody had a clue on who killed the revered Guru as there was no traces inside the highly guarded Ashram.

On that day, Mala was reading a copy of Times of India which carried a large stand alone of the Guru  splashed over the front page with the headline, ‘Guru brutally killed in Ashram, throat slit.’ Mala smiled and shared her cutting chai with Lucky. The pet happily wagged its tails. Sweet revenge, Mala basked in her unsung glory.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

34 thoughts on “1Hundred Link: ‘Sweet Revenge’

  1. Wicked. But Mala was a bit silly though wasn’t she? 😀

    To be critical why was there no evidence that the money belonged to her if it had been transferred out of her account? And surely there were people that knew she was from a wealthy family if the city could relate the life?

    What is biscuit gold?

    1. Hi, one could say she was silly but, guess, love and blind trust make us silly. Good points made but it is based on a real story where a rich woman was rendered homeless by someone she trusted in Mumbai. Yeah! U have a point, there must be evidence of many transfer:) But, it’s 100 per cent fiction. I mean, gold biscuit. Thanks for visiting:)

  2. If Mala did it, then I would love to read a story of how she did it….Sweet Revenge Part 2…
    and of course…thanks for taking part in the prompt…It was great to have you over

  3. I love that Mala had a such a sweet and loyal friend in Lucky to help her celebrate when she read about the Guru’s well deserved fate! Great little story, Vishal!!

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