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My Earliest Memory


Hi people, how you are doing well. I am participating in the prompt, ‘My Earliest Memory’, provided by the wonderful and inspiring, Shilpa Garg of ( Hope you like my take on ‘My Earliest Memory’ during the days of innocence and let’s keep faith since we have all been a bundle of joy for our doting parents.

My Earliest Memory



Memory/ies buried in childhood remains an integral part of our growing up and, as we look back, we smile shyly. There are some memories that make our life sparkle with joy as we cherish the moments spent with Mom and Dad, who constantly remind us of our days as a naughty child.

The school holidays was a time which I relished since it signaled the end of the term where there was no study and only play. I hated schools, the teachers and the idea of solving complex Mathematical equations. I spent a whole week at my grand ma’s place in December as an eight year old kid, faraway from the gaze of Mom and Dad. I couldn’t indulge in my stupid antics since my elder cousins were quite strict with me.

I remember seeing Dad at grandma’s place after a week and he brought along two huge bags, comprising of sweet biscuits, chocolates, Mithai, candies and soft drinks for me. I was so surprised and ran to hug Dad. I didn’t lose a minute to open the bag and tear the wrapper of chocolates as I munched ma favorite chocolates. It was a sheer delight behind surprised by Dad with all the goodies in such a fashion. Childhood is the age of innocence and I treasure such moments of life that keep memories of the days spent with Dad alive.

I hate studies and the very thought of sitting with books as seven year old was a torture. I vividly remember it was a Sunday where Mom and Dad made me sit in the kitchen to study. My eyes followed Mom to see if she was looking at me since I was scribbling in the note book. There was no chance for me to escape and finally completed my English grammar school work. Dad who always pampered me told Mom to let me play for some time. Mom checked my completed home work and smiled, ‘I am happy that you did your work. Now, I got a surprise for me.’ She opened the lid of the steel container and removed a nicely wrapped candy for me. I smiled as I removed the wrap. It was a flute candy and as I popped the candy in my mouth, I kept whistling. I felt so happy on that day and kept whistling till the candy melted in my mouth.

Childhood memories stay with us forever. It a delight to enjoy and live the priceless moments with parents. What a tragedy if an innocent child and parents are deprived of such beautiful moments in life.  As you read this post, I urge all of you to spare a moment and make a silent wish for the little and cute  Baby Drushti Nagda, five year old, who has been diagnosed with the rare condition of with Biliary Atresia with liver cirrhosis  who will undergo a liver transplantation. Let’s pray and wish that the cute bundle of joy will successfully be operated. Just see how you can all contribute to the well being of the cute baby. Please follow the link,





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29 thoughts on “My Earliest Memory

  1. I remember my earliest memory was from November 9th 1971 at 3 in the morning. I remember my dad carrying me downstairs and leading his other son, and my mum carrying my sister. I looked over at the glass door of the front room and it was glowing and flickering. We were taken downstairs where my mum and the woman living there were throwing buckets of water up at the flames coming through the ceiling.

      1. There was a tiny ember fell out of the hearth and we didn’t know we had wooden floorboards and it set light to them.

      2. Yes it was. The neighbour downstairs, her dog kept barking and woke them up. Back in those days, we didn’t have smoke detectors. The dog, Gyp, received an award for saving our lives.

      3. I don’t remember that. I only know about the award as I read it in an old copy of the local paper about 15 years ago

      1. I refuse to have a coal fire. I live in an apartment with three chimneys, and I have them all blocked off. Although they would look nice, I am too worried about a repeat.

        Gyp will always be my biggest hero. She saved the lives of five people.

  2. my father taught us every day, three subjects= bengali, english, math, but sunday was absolute freedom. He was a very good guardian, he knew that sunday is the only day when schools are sure to be off, that must be the reason that he took personal care that we study through the week and relish a day of full break.

    my childhood memories of sunday are pure fun!

    1. Thanks, Rumaysa:) Memories remain with us forever and bring a smile on ur faces, as we look back. Whistling candies..m sure they love it..what’s stopping u and temptation is a good once. Go and indulge urself:)

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