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They called it January!!!

They call it January, the new season and harbinger of hopes. I imagined the snow, foggy winter and the heat looming in different parts of the globe. Then, like a Ferrari, January came and zoomed past me shedding some light, may be, or may be not. What if January was a sizzling hot chick, wearing a red and pink short skirt? Would she ignore me as my gaze and eyes would slowly follow her path to heaven. Alas! It was the first month of the year and like the red hot chick ya boom chicka boom in Ferrari, it disappeared in the desert.

The month Kejriwal and his likes, wore his muffler to stage a Dharna and clash of Titans where Arnab met Rahul to screw the minds of millions of Indians. Trust me, it was nothing less than an unwanted orgasm. Move over Raakhi Sawant or Malika Sherawat. Our own IT Girl Sherlyn Chopra has fallen apart with her Kamasutra maker. Certainly, January should be the Kamasutra..oops! dirty mind..Kama, I means, hard work and dedication.

What does the Kamasutra meant to me? Ahem! Ahem!! Tauba! Tauba!!! See, I’m not a fellow with a dirty mind and, I did not watch the Dirty Picture to fix my gaze on Vidya Balan thrust her pelvic thrust to Ooh!! La! La!! January was a month I did the unexpected and resigned from the job. It was an intuitive decision where the thought cropped in during the first ever morning briefing in 2014. Post the briefing, went down for coffee with a smoke. Pat! The decision was taken and announced. I wonder whether I should trust my instinct like that. But, I don’t regret since I was not deriving satisfaction and believe that one should do things that makes us happy. Since, then, I am being jobless and the hunt for the best opportunity is on. Keep searching, dude!!!

I blogged for 30 days in January and had my own blog marathon where I set upon myself to write continuously for 30 days plus. It’s been fulfilling writing wise where I kept writing and churned new stuffs on the blog. I absolutely love the write tribe writing challenge with the 55 words, 100 Words and Wednesday prompt. Must say, it’s quite an uphill task with so many writing challenges lining up but was able to plan the posts. Write Tribe was such a face saver to complete the 30 days + blogging.  Finally, I am in the process of wrapping up the novella on the other blog, and I shall be able to complete the first target set for 2014. Every dark cloud has its silver lining.

Hope February turns out to be a better month for me and you.

With Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

4 thoughts on “They called it January!!!

  1. blogging for 30 days out of 31 days of month… its been quite a few years since I have done that, even though i do log in one blog in average each day, but even then, these days i try to keep two days per week off, for my own sake!

    have fun blogging, its a very good way to pass time!

    1. I think, I’ve done it last year and looking to repeat in February at least..will try doing it till 14 and let’s see how it goes! I think its good if we blog twice or thrice a week so that quality doesn’t suffer:)

      1. Hmm! It depends on you and how much you wanna write. I’m not really into blog experts gyaan and sometimes, I feel a blog is all bout one’s persona and if we listen too much to them, we lose our individuality:)

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