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100 Words on Saturday 14-5: How Do I Tell Her About You


100 Words on Saturday 2014-5 is back with a bang. 2014 started crazily for us, Write Trib-ers with prompt after prompt. The grey cell is working crazily as the drums beat on our creative minds. Nonetheless, it is a thrilling but joyful experience for us and I’m loving it like the small, innocent waiting to gorge on the king size burger and ice cream at Mc Donald.

I am participating in the prompt 100 Words on Saturday 2014-5: ‘How Do I Tell Her About You’ provided by our dear friend, Corinne Rodrigues of and who blogs at Needless to say, I look forward to the comments that make me want to fall in love again.


How Do I Tell Her About You


How do I tell her? His sister asked, flabbergasted.

He pleaded with folded hands, “I have always loved her.  So what if tomorrow she will step in the mandap with our younger brother?’

He lamented,  “I am going mad. I don’t want to fight with myself.”

“You don’t need to,” the would-be-bride erupts in the room.

“Tell now. You had the courage to fall in love me and I’m waiting now.”

He bends on his knees, “Sonali, I have always loved you.”

The bride disappeared on marriage day and the groom’s brother was mysteriously missing.

They lived happily ever after.




Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

55 thoughts on “100 Words on Saturday 14-5: How Do I Tell Her About You

      1. that is not the bottom line in real life, think about the two famillies- do you think the society will ever let them forget? or let them forget very quickly? You do know Indian society, right?

      2. Hey!!! My mom belongs to a very conservative Hindu family and I agree that society will throw tantrum. But, my point is that it is the lives of the people involved and we should not let our lives be dictated by society. Well, this is one way of looking at it. But, respect your perspective in line with Indian society:)

  1. btw, if I was that woman I would have confided into the man I was about to marry next day, in private, and would have asked him to postpone and cancel the marriage later on some pretext, she might not have seen Rosa, should have! they tackled it so smartly-arvind in that movie

    1. hehe! Haan Suzy! I, too, hope he finds someone he can love. Better to follow one’s heart rather than being compelled to stay in a marriage against one’s will. Thanks:)

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