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When people ask for Oranges…

When people tells you Orange, what do you make of it? Bring tons of Orange on the table. Yeah! I did just that, today and why would I bring Orange when uncle wants to speak on the phone. I felt so stupid today.

Are you going for a walk? Uncle asked.

I was like, do you need something from the shop?

He tendered Rs 100-rupee note, get me orange.

Hoe much?

For Rs 100.

I was actually thinking what he will do with so many Orange worth 100 bucks.

It was a public holiday and took a long walk in the deserted and wet streets. It rained heavily throughout the day and spotted few shops closed. The owners must be happily wrapped around the blanket and sleeping their way to heaven.

I walked past a shop that wore a deserted look and the shutters was closed. I saw an old lady sprang up on the street and opened the door. She looked at me and I asked, “I am looking to buy oranges but the shop is closed.” She nodded, “Come in.” I bought six oranges since there were not too many. I was delighted that uncle would be happy that he got his oranges. I handed the bag full of oranges to uncle. He took the bag and eyed me, wanting to say, seriously. He was on the point of laughing but held himself, for reasons best known to him.

I was confused. He told me, “When I told you orange, I meant the Orange pre-paid talk time for my cell phone.” I felt so stupid. But, the way he said Oranges, I thought..well! Orange to eat and not the brand Orange talk time. Just imagine someone asked you for BPL, you give him or her a kick (Bump pe Laath). It was hilarious and what the fuck! Lack of communication. Perhaps, he didn’t express properly but I was also at fault for not asking properly. I told the Orange story to Mom and she burst out laughing at my face. It was plain hilarious to others but not to me. Guess, sometimes you need to laugh at yourself.


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