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SMS. Love. Crush

Who invented the gadget called handset or mobile phone? I wanted to hug and thank the gentle soul who spiced my loved life as an 18-something when I developed a crush on some unknown female hiding behind the short messaging service (SMS) for whom my heart goes hmmm!!! Whose heart hasn’t gone cuckoo chatting, flirting and declaring love for an unknown soul as we indulged in harmless calf love and exchanged dirty forwards?

Idhar Udhar Ki Baatein..vagayra vagayra (small, silly and harmless batter..mindless love talk). I had quite a few romantic escapades and relationships hiding behind the handset. I wonder how technology binds us, human beings,  in a relationship as we  look for love. My first tryst with romance started with the cellphone when someone buzzed or sms-ed me by mistake. You heard a beautiful voice at the other end of the phone and the other person apologize profusely for indulging in mistaken identity. The beautiful voice carried a charming mystery as it touched the innocent heart that you don’t want to let go of her. Another sms reaches your phone, tendering an apology as you shoot back an sms with ‘what’s your name?’ ‘what you do in life?” You start talking to each other, spending the night exchanging thousands sms as you wait for an sms in the middle of the night.





Yes! I’ve been lucky meeting one of the mysterious lady who shared snippets of her emotions and life with me. We chatted for three months on chat, exchanging sms-es and speaking on the phone as we bear our heart out to each other. I longed for her sms and calls. Every week, A would call me as she told me about the crisis happening in her life. Her happiness mattered a lot to me. Finally, it took lot of convincing on my part to make her agree for the famous rendez vous. One day, A said, “Fine! We will meet but I will decide when and where to meet.”

Finally, we met  and I was bowled by her charming personality, the way she spoke to me and, man, she is soo beautiful.” I was happy we became friends. It was the time, I was moving to Pune for higher studies and she brought a nicely wrapped gift for me. It was a best seller book by Steve Martini that I cherished and it still adorns my shelf. It’s been ten years now and I bet she must be happily married. I wish her all the best since she deserves all the happiness in life.

We spoke through sms once in a while and, like all long distance friendships, all communications were stopped. But, I cherish the beautiful relationship we nurtured over time. It’s amazing what technology can do to us. Truly! SMS, Love, Crush.

With Love




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18 thoughts on “SMS. Love. Crush

    1. Indeed she was lucky to meet a decent guy like me. You should not allow the bad ones to become friends, the virtual world can be bad though I met and keep meeting wonderful souls:)

  1. I don’t pick calls from unknown numbers! But I did have pen-pals. I found a new pen-pal in a fellow-blogger very recently.
    Also, sometimes if you are destined to, you do meet people like this….I hope she reads this post of yours one day 🙂

    1. hehe! Me too..lolz yeah even I don’t normally pick up calls from unknown numbers..used to as part of ma job..but, yeah, pen pals are fun like we connecting on blogs, fb or twitter:)

      1. yeah, but then the handwritten letters, the wait for the next one, the tension whether my letter reached my friend or not, etc etc comes only with a pen-pal…they are special. 😀

      2. yes, they are. e-thingy-s are also no less good but then handwritten ones are special because you know some1 has sat down and taken out time for you to pen it down. 🙂 I guess I am old-school 😛

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