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Guest Blog: ‘New Political Culture in India by The Whitescape

I am honored to host The Whitescape ( for the second time as my Guest blogger. When I woke up in the morning, I received a pleasant surprise that made my day when The Whitescape sent me an attached document on Facebook. Yesterday, I updated my FB that I am in search of gentle souls wishing to do guest posts. Thanks RC aka The Whitescape for the lovely gift, beautifully wrapped in the form of a guest post and that too, without telling me. It’s super awesome and shall return the favor, pretty soon. Make sure you give The Whitescape a big shout on her blog.

The Whitescape speaks on the new political culture in India and the post couldn’t come at a better time, after we just celebrated our 65th Republic Day. It is the voice of the New India, spearheaded by the voice of the new generation, ushering for change.

Before you scroll down to read The Whitescape’s post, make sure you read the bio of the author:

The New Political Culture in India

About the author:

“White is my favorite color, hence the mention of it in my blogging name – Thewhitescape. I have always loved writing and that’s the primary reason for the existence of my blog. I’ve shaped my world and the blog according the developments in the vagaries of my own life. I am obsessed about movies and high heels; hates grammatical errors; loves Chinese food. Appreciation for my writings gives me a better high than vodka. Its my dream to give away autographed copies of my authored books to my fans. On the other hand Yes, you’re allowed to not like my writing, its not a must. But Yes, I love when you read them

She can be contacted on
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Readers, please feel free to share your opinion by leaving your comments. As always your feedback is highly appreciated!  I shall do reply to them”

The new political culture in India

 India is perhaps the only nation that attained freedom after World War II and has not fallen prey so far to military rule or dictatorship. This is so because our founding fathers were imbued with a spirit of liberal western traditions and incorporated the best of such traditions and conventions in the constitution. The grant of universal suffrage to the millions of the countrymen reflected the faith they had in the electors as well as the elected. Over the years, except for aberrations here or there, Democratic India has stood the test of time. Today, ours is the largest functioning democracy in the world and people admire us as well as our leaders for upholding the best traditions of this form of government which is of the people, for the people and by the people.

Democracy often described as rule of the mob has brought in its wake certain characteristics which are unbecoming of our rulers. Mobs are aroused over trifles in the name of case, community, religion and riots engineered in various parts of the citizen has been given, under the constitution, right of expression and freedom to practise his religion. Caste and communal riots are black mark on our democracy. But somehow they have given birth to a new political culture in the country.

Demonstrations are organized, protests staged and riots engineered in the name of language, caste, religion to build up vote banks for the interested political parties and their leaders. Passions are set aflame over trivial matters and peace endangered frequently in various parts of the country, solely to build up and consolidate these vote banks.

Another manifestation of the new political culture in the country in India is interference in the affairs of the students, who are weaned away from studies and other constructive activities in the name of electioneering. Student leaders are created and foisted on the innocent community by politicians who have an axe to grind in such elections. All that these leaders to is confront the authorities over imaginary or real grievances and indulge in anti-social acts – all in the name of looking after the welfare of students. Buses are burnt, public property is looted, and the common man is put to great hardship and inconveniences for the sake of so called student welfare. And, poor student leaders act as mere pawns in the hands of unscrupulous politicians and their cohorts. Instead of channelizing the dormant energies and talents of our students towards nation building activities, these leaders turn them into anti-social elements.

But now people have become wiser. They have learnt that they can’t be fooled all the time by the exponents of the new political culture in the country. They have realised their intrinsic worth and given a befitting reply to such opportunistic politicians time and again. This shift in the perception of the masses certainly raises the hope that, out of the ashes of the present political imbroglio a new political culture will arise like the Phoenix and the country will be proud of its traditions and conventions.


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11 thoughts on “Guest Blog: ‘New Political Culture in India by The Whitescape

  1. Demonstrations are organized, protests staged and riots engineered in the name of language, caste, religion to build up vote banks for the interested political parties and their leaders. Passions are set aflame over trivial matters and peace endangered frequently in various parts of the country, solely to build up and consolidate these vote banks.

    Not only are the demos organised to meander votes towards them but to shift the center-stage from pertinent and burning issues like high inflation etc to back-stage and deviate the common man’s line of thinking. And by large they have succeeded in doing so. This is the defeat of democracy.

  2. First of all vishal thanking you for introducing such a talented writer…I loved her writing and i could not agree more on the state of our country.
    what we started off as and what we reeled into and eventually we could become (fingers crossed)

    All i can say after reading this inspiring hub is jai ho! (and no i did not mean to propogate salman’s movie…lol)

  3. @kalpana solsi – thank you dear for your views and but you are true that demos meander votes towards, shifting attention and defeat democracy, I do agree with you! Thank you for bringing this out

    @kathy – I am so glad my article helped you to know a first hand viewpoint of the political landscape of my country.

    @ruchira – Shouting a big thank you for your kind words ruchira, if you can do through my blog, link is there in the article. I am sure you will enjoy my writing. waiting for your comments in my blog too.

    @sharmishtha- Yes its me who has did this positive analyzation and i hope you liked reading it.

  4. What would they name it ?

    Mahatma Gandhi named his autobiography ,

    ” My Experiments with Truth ”

    If some of our politicians were to author their own biography ( – even if actually written by ghost writers ) , what would they name it ?

    Here is my guess :

    > Man Mohan Singh…………… In Search of Silence

    > Sonia Gandhi……………….. The Guns are Booming

    > Robert Vadra ( Kin-politico ).. From landless to landlord in 40 days

    > Suresh Kalmadi………………. The Game Theory

    > Pawan Bansal ……………….. Toofaan Mail

    > Shriprakash Jaiswal…………. The Dark Matter Underground

    > Ashwini Kumar……………….. Superior to Supreme

    > Kapil Sibal…………………….. Two-timing Lawyer

    > P Chidambaram……………… Re-Count to Re-Instate

    > Kamal Nath …………………. A Road Less Travelled

    > Prafulla Patel………………… Gone with the Wind

    > A Raja……………………….. Last Come , First Served

    > Dayanidhi Maran…………….. Quid- pro- Quo

    > Kanimozi……………………… Father Knows Best

    > Jayalalithaa…………………… Heaven – for those who touch my feet

    > Mamta Banerjee……………. The Triumph of the Lawless

    > Narendra Modi………………… Gujarat – that is India

    > Arvind Kejriwal……………….. AK-49 and lesser Weapons

    > Mayawati …………………….. Maya and Maya-Jaal

    Feel free to add to the list

    In case they decide to come out with their biographies , one thing is certain

    Royalty percentage will need to be the same – or more – than the percentages that they are used to get so far !

    And , the branding rights will be sold separately !

    What with the way current Lok Sabha elections are going , most of these Netas will have plenty of time on hand to pen their travails !

    Don’t miss the next year’s Jaipur Literature Festival

    * hemen parekh ( 30 April 2014 / Mumbai )

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