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Amul Baby (Face): An attempted case study on Rahul Baba

The brave soldier, Prince and eligible bachelor of Indian Politics has made it. Yes! He did it! They tell us his Moma is very proud of Amul Baby (Face) after spilling out with Arnab Goswami on Times Now. He succeeded in torturing and killing Arnab and screwing the head of millions of Indians who watched Times Now for one hour and twenty minutes. Rahul (Baba) made a grand entry in his first ever TV interview crushing hopes pinned on him. He must be proud and happy as Momma must be feeding him Parle G after punishing him and whipping on the butt for the fracas caused in the household called, Congress. No! I am not speaking about Congress House, the red light area but the household of the Gandhi family, Congress Party. cartoonist Satish Acharya Satish Acharya Satish Acharya

What do you want to do with your life, Rahul Baba? Arnab asked Amul Baby who, in turn, quizzed him on his childhood dream of becoming a journalist. I wonder what prevented our Arnab Goswami from making face palm on Baba’s attempt to turn into the interviewer and do a U-turn of becoming the politician that ask silly question to a journalist. ROFL!!! I nearly fell off my chair and just imagine Rahul Baba aka Amul Baby Face was one of our leading journalists quizzing people on you know what and what’s not. Okie! Okie! I know this post is going nowhere and my vicious attempt of making it humorous post, picking on our Rahul Baba is becoming lame just like the interview. See! I have been morally harassed and molested by watching apna Amul Baby for one hour and twenty minutes. So, you don’t blame me for becoming senile right now. I am not Arnab for sure but can understand the poor man’s plight for being beaten at its own game..err! no silly! Rahul Baba’s senseless game, or does he know he was playing a smart kid nintendo game on a TV channel. Rely on Digvijay Singh who will tell you that there is nothing dysfunctional with the new Nintendo Game on the market and that apna Rahul Baba walked the talk with so much elan and intellectual grace. See, the boy is Mama’s pet. But who let Mama down in times of dire need like that on TV?! The video game was not designed to the liking of Amul Baby. May be! Or, May be not! The new added features in the game Right To Information Act, youth and Women empowerment and, of course, NaMo..perhaps, they should add some extra bhajan feature such as NaMo NaMo Rahul Sukh ka Karni NaMo NaMo.

Now, I’m curious and my heart is racing and running agog with excitement at the sight of the new and improved Rahul Baba. I wonder what I am doing as a journalist and whether I should go and read for a degree in Psychology. I would make RaGa ya Amul Baby Face my subject of study and delve into his heart and how mental wires are transferred into his head.

ME: Rahul Baba, prince of Delhi, what goes into your head?

Rahul Baba: You tell me. Why did you choose to become a Psychologist?

ME: What the fuck Baba? You are my subject and you are asking me questions. Remember, this study of mine will be lapped up by millions and yet you will take crores of rupaiyas and tell your Momma, Momma Momma I won the jackpot. Let’s forget about NaMo uncle now!!! Pleaze pleaze!!!!!

The PM walla game. oops! sorry race is on..Race Sanson ki….we shall sing the song as August is nearing. He shall not travel by local train to meet peasants. Oh! please Amul Baby Face, please spare us of your long but tedious train journey. See, it’s very tiring and we had enough by watching you on Times Now. Did anybody tell you that your performance on TV was superbly boring and you have no answers to questions. By the way, Baba, do you know there is something called body language and eye contact? What!! They don’t teach it at your alma mater or in the Congress School! I’m sure you have forgotten to play by the rules.  Oh! Wow! Thanks for reminding us that your family sacrificed their life for the nation and you witnessed the big Indian sacrifice and you sacrificed your life, your babe in ‘Videsh’ for our ‘desh’. Thanks for telling us. For once, I emphatize with you but even more with poor Arnab whom you harassed and I bet he wanted to check the Vishaka guideline on his lap top. Only hell knows why he didn’t file a complaint for publicly and morally harassing a journalist on air in front of crores people.  As I told you, I pity Arnab for sitting with you throughout. What were you thinking Rahul Baba? Sardar bahut khush honge sabashi denge..what Momma Sardar told u? R-a-h-u-l, I never thought that you will break my heart like that and you cannot even perform a simple task like that. See Amul Baby, I prefer Dr Manmohan Singh and I tell you it’s better to be silent like that  rather than speaking at all. What a sweet revenge for Dr Singh whose fur you choose to gently caress or rub publicly when he was in New York mission? Our PM must be smiling and eating gulab jamun. Sweet revenge for PM, na!! Not bad when you said that Ordinance Bill should be teared off. NaMo must be thanking you and must be offering his prayers to your clay idol as your own Congress Party is fuming at the change in affection of NaMo towards you.

If we were to make the remake of Sholay what role would you prefer Amul Baby Face? Jai not for you, perhaps, NaMo will sing Koi bhi haseena jab ruth jata hai aur bhi haseen ho jata chatter box and naughty boy!!!! Howz about playing Uday Chopra as cop of the year in Dhoom:4 catching the thief as Arnab can be offered Inspector Jai Dixit. NaMo will be happy playing the thief, what say?

I am tempted to say, Itni Khushi Itni Khushi!!!!!! Now, you take rest Amul Baby Face after the antics on Times Now. I’m telling you, you are the next Indian Idol sensation on TV. Howz about being an inmate in the next  season of Big Boss?

Wait, Amul Baby, let’s play Kaun Banega Crorepathi, just one question for one crore.

Welcome to KBC with Amul Baby Face.

What do you think Amul Baby want to do next?

1. Marry his phoren girl friend.

2. Eat Parle G biscuit

3. Empower his intellect

4. Harass voters and viewers with his GQ

Remember our Phone A Friend option has been stolen by Arnab Goswami, Mommy has banned 50:50, Junta is not voting since they are still recovering from Monday’ heart attack and computer-ji is singing Rahul Amul Baby Face so no alat palat.

Madly Yours

The poor Me, harassed and molested on Times Now debate on the fateful Monday. Still recovering from Monday Blue..oops Rahul Blue

Now, enjoy this one. Shared by my very dear friend Aditi Mittal on FB, Thanks, Aditi for saving my life as I was on the verge of jumping into the freezing cold pool.




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36 thoughts on “Amul Baby (Face): An attempted case study on Rahul Baba

  1. Rahul Gandhi is too decent and honest for Indian politics- he is wasting his time, there is no place for honest, decent, gentlemen in Indian politics, if he becomes ruthless and cunning with time, he will survive- he will have to shed the final two qualities.

    You know we cant shed our upbringing- his parents must have brought him up with best values, manners and he selected the worst possible profession 🙂

    1. I beg to differ and think that this guy is stupid. I dont think he is decent considering how he said there is no poor people in India. He is a politician and I hate this but glad to see your perspective, Sharmi.

      1. I did not watched that interview- so no comment, well, I said that he is decent and well behaved, i never said he is intelligent, genius :)- as for stupid, well I dont agree with that either 🙂 One slip of tongue is hardly a reason to build a firm opinion on someone.

        Now, as you say it, I dont remember any other Indian politicians barring a hand-counted few like Manmohan Singh who can be called quite brilliant.

        As for Rahul Gandhi, he is king of making strange remarks, he is just wasting his time in wrong place, sooner he understands better, or else, for the pleasure of others, he too dips in the mud and takes the Indian politician avatar.

        let’s see what happens in future 🙂

      2. Well! That’s why Sharmi I say the man is the king of wrong remarks. I mean, he always do that. Check on the interview on You Tube with Arnab Goswani:) Well, I respect Dr Manmohan Singh and AB Vajpayee a lot. Unfortunately, they are good men in wrong political parties. As you said, Amul Baby is the king of strange remarks and I’m scared if both him and NaMo become PM.

      3. Honestly speaking he is a very good person, and that is why he is a terrible politician and I really dont think he will become prime minister in next five years or may be ten!

        he will be a better prime minister than NaMo but still… honestly speaking I just dont/cant imagine him as prime minister! He wont be able to tackle Indians 🙂

      4. In fact, many well intentioned and seasoned writers like Alka said ki RG is a good man but in the wrong profession. But, politically speaking, Amul Baby is dumb like his performance in his interview where he scored an own goal. Yes, he’s been a let down and agree with your last lines. I wish to say I don’t like NaMo who believes in polarisation of politics.

      5. Well, I believe we both see him through our own eyes, and most probably we will keep arguing till ages, because I take a lot of time to form an opinion about a person, and mostly it does not changes.

        I have been observing Rahul Gandhi for quite some years, actually since he actively joined politics I guess, and I certainly will never think he is dumb, stupid- clumsy, innocent, decent… but not stupid 🙂

  2. Oh Rahul baba, you are just not cut out for this game of politics. Partly because you are even more “sillier” than the average politician. As for the interview with Arnab, don’t get me started on that. The new Congress advert is playing loop on the TV here too…and I had enough of your thopda. Good article Vishal 🙂

  3. He is a good man in the wrong place. But we are in for more such interviews according to Hindustan Times. Rahul is ready for more media interactions. So brace yourself.

    1. Oh! Is he, Alka? I would like to believe..hehe More such interviews oh! No! I would like to give some unwanted advice to Rahul Baba..Once bitten, twice shy. I feel that Dr Singh and AB Vajpayee were also good men in wrong parties. Unfortunately, such good men face the wrath!!!

  4. I watched the interview (Part I) on YouTube the very next day after a friend coaxed me to do so. I couldn’t wait to see the entire piece. Some shitty stuff it was and I can vouch that even a 10 year old child could have given better responses than him. The only thing that troubled me was why Arnab was unusually soft with him.

    Ho raha bharat nirman with this ‘Youth’ leader. Wonder if Oxford has changed the meaning of ‘youth’. 😛

    Well-written Vishal!

    1. I swear, Rekha. It was such an irritating interview and watched it throughout the day. His answers intrigued me and as you said, the answers were so shitty and I wonder what was he thinking. Exactly, looks like a gentle Arnab and it was an opportunity for him to show his mettle but own goals were scored. Thank you, Rekha. My first attempt to dabble with political satire:)

  5. Lol! I liked the ‘amul baba’ tagline. Jai Goswami who made it through the end of the show…

    P.S: If you have noticed he had stressed ‘women empowerment’many times to the women number!

    1. Ya! I swear so many times he’s been saying Women Empowerment like a kid learning a term by heart to write for the exams..M sure momma fed him with Kheer and Dahi made with Amul powder before the exam so that he remember the name and he repeated it. Lol! The Amul Baba fits him to the hilt and Arnab Goswami must be relieved that he survived a heart attack:)

  6. Okay .. let me first say I’m not a Rahul hater.. He doesn’t seem vicious or over ambitious which of course doesn’t mean he’s fit to be a prime minister or even for that matter be in politics at all. He just shouldn’t be here. He came across as so completely clueless about the politics of the country that I found myself squirming and wishing the interview would be over soon to spare him any more embarassment. And to be stuck with Arnab Goswami on his very first National outing.. I pity him and I also pity our country if he were to become the PM.

    1. Thanks Tulika and me also, I don’t hold anything against Mr Rahul Gandhi. I had hopes on him till he started disappointing me as a strong politician three years back and unfortunate comments were made. The guy is cut from political reality and he appeared so clueless. I too wondered where the whole interview was going and RaGa was so ridiculous and couldn’t see his logic. He failed and despite mellow Arnab in this face saving interview. Thanks for your views, Tulika and I appreciate a lot:)

    1. This pointless debate on Times Now has made me so confused where the Prince was clueleless and Arnab running out of patience. I wondered Why The F*** Arnab was so mellow and whether he met some spiritual Guru. RaGa scored so many own goals. I agree with your argument and it was quite a ridiculous interview, Kalpana.

    1. Thanks a ton, Aayesha:) Dabbling with Sarcasm for the second time..hehe! Amul Baby Face..first victim was NaMo was done last year. will pinge u the link..hehe:) M planning the third, Big Boss House and so wait for it:)

  7. He kept talking in circles: women empowerment, youth, RTI,women empowerment, youth, RTI,women empowerment, youth, RTI,women empowerment, youth, RTI,women empowerment, youth, RTI,

    1. Yeah, Zinal! It’s like Momma or Didi has made him repeat the whole thing..parrot learning..u say this and someone who got nothing new to offer nor perspective. It was hilarious how he oft repeated himself..attempt to churn a bhajan!!!!lol

  8. Ah, Rahul Baba has inspired a lot of people. Tipping my hat to him, he is the grist that churns the mill of caricaturists and satirists. But seriously, the interview made me very scared. Is that the intellectual level of the people we vote into power? Now I hear that even that pathetic showing was being prompted by Ms. Priyanka Vadra and another person off stage.

    1. I swear, Ritu!! Rahul-Baba has inspired this fun post through his ‘amazing performance’ with a powerless and emasculated Arnab. It is scary, Ritu, and it made me so confused. Well!! If Priyanka Vadra and another Congress man staged this show, I wonder what kind of people are there in politics. Honestly, I am scared of having such a youth leader calling the shots in one of the most powerful parties in India. I mean, some journalists told me in Delhi less than 2 years that one shouldn’t expect much from Rahul Baba but still, would like to give him a chance. What a disappointment it’s been!

  9. Incidentally read Alka Gurha’s post today and could strike a chord with it. For all we now he might be feeling suffocated being a leader against his will 😀 In the corner of my mind I feel bad for him too but ya the interview was hilarious it seems. Some how after reading many posts lost the interest to watch it. 😀
    Good take

    1. Hey Afshan! Alka’s post is amazing and had so much fun reading. As much as I agree ki the guy may not be, after all, such a bad guy, but the interview was not only shallow but ‘hilarious’ to kill you, afer all. The most senseless interview but do watch it for the sake of fun:)

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