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Global passport

Didn’t they tell us that the world is a stage and we live in a global village? While it’s natural to live in a bubble of sort, travel and the internet as a tool of communication, read Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogging and Tumblr has made us truly global citizens of the world. I believe that we do not belong to one specific place, whether it’s our place of origin or they place we have settled or living, but citizens of the world. After all, we are all human beings, share the same feelings, face tribulations, get hurt and, eventually, triumph as human beings.

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For me, being global, means connecting with people belonging to different parts of the world with whom I connect on social platforms such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter. As human beings, we show prejudice to people staying in different parts of the world and it is attributed to the fact that we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone to meet new people, listen to their views on issues and express ourselves on social issues that do not happen in our world. It’s quite a natural thing to do for many but just look how the world is evolving as citizens born in different countries become one. We are always in quest of professional opportunities as we travel and live in different parts of the world. Similarly, more and more people express their views strongly on issues such as corruption, crime against women, graft and violation of human rights in different parts of the world. Have you asked why? Because we have global citizens and these are things that affect everyone of us. One should never say that it doesn’t happen in my country simple because these issues affect everyone of us and is a global phenomenon.

We are all human beings yet differ from each other in terms of culture, patriotism and emotional feelings. However, that has not prevented us from uniting with each other as global citizens. I believe, internet, has been one medium that binds us as human beings and we travel to different parts of the world to discover each other’s culture, traditions and values. We may be born to one country and has a passport showing that we were born in this country. Yet, many citizens of the world have not shied away of applying for citizenship of a different country where they are now settled. We are no longer citizen of the country where we have been born or settled. How’s about the international communities issuing a Global Passport where can travel in a border-less world where only love and humanity matters.  I dream of the day where I will be issued a Global Passport as a human being, certifying that I am no longer a citizen of the country I’m born in, settled or what I call my home. I am a Global citizen and proud of the fact.

Your views? Do you agree and how many of you are willing to legally embrace global citizenship?

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