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A cycle ride

Cycling was a dreaded nightmare for me and a scary dream where the ghouls in the form of bicycle gonna get me and consume my skin. Like every child, I dreamed of having a cycle and made Dad buy me a cute blue-colored cycle. The bicycle was lying in the house till a family from South Africa came to visit my next door neighbor during the Christmas holiday.

I became friend with the guy who was elder than me and, man, I was scared of him because of his well built physique. I became friends with Adil who must be 10 years at that time and, one day, he prodded me to get the new bicycle that was lying inside the house on the lane. He zoomed past me on my prized gift as I stood watching him in awe. How can him ride the cycle so effortlessly?, I asked.


He told me, ‘See, it’s so easy riding the cycle and come I’ll show you how to sit on it. I was reluctant, telling him that I will fall off the cycle since I don’t know how to strike balance. Adil shouted at me and said, ‘Just sit and imagine you are in the airplane. I will guide you. I reluctant hopped on and was shit scared, fully aware of falling down and nursing my wounds. He shouted. As I sit on the cycle, he held on to it and let go of me. I fell down. But, I wasn’t hurt except mud splashing on my feet and hand. There was some minor scratches. We attempted a second time and I again fell down with more scratches on the hand and legs. I was sure that I will never be able to ride the cycle and told Adil, ‘It’s so difficult and don’t wanna hurt myself. See the bruises.

Adil was becoming aggressive and said in a commanding tone, ‘Forget the bruises and pulled me on the cycle.’ I was praying to God so that my life is saved from this man I befriended. Gosh! It was miracle. I started cycling and never felt so happy. I applied the brake and didn’t fall down. It never fell so good and it was a life time experience. I fell that I was riding in the sky and the crescent moon. I made several rides and Adil came to stop me. He was all smiles and proud of his student.

It’s been more than two decades since Adil taught me how to cycle in an age where there was no internet or mobile phone. It was pure ecstatic and heavenly joy. I wonder where Adil is and  we have not been in touch fr ages. Hey dude!! Thanks! I was too shy as a child to say thank you and wherever you are, be happy and keep rocking.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

11 thoughts on “A cycle ride

      1. I tried riding a tree with my bicycle when I was let on my own very first time. the cycle refused to climb the tree, thus I jumped from it, in all the years I have pedalled, only twice I got seriously hurt and both times, I am proud to say that it was absolutely the fault of others – hundred percent!

      2. Oh! Wow! You are such a fearless soul and very daring, I would say. That’s so scary, I mean and you are quite a pro with bicycle. Way to go girl. Btw, whose fault is that?!

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